Smartphone photography

You will find here everything you need to know about creating pictures that have the wow effect on your smartphone.

16 Sep 2019 | 3 MIN READ

A blurred background is the latest photography trend. The newest smartphones offer modes that allow users to automatically blur the background to draw attention to the subject or object. This feature is also available on digital cameras; all you have to do is set a large aperture. If you do not have portrait mode on […]

16 Sep 2019 | 3 MIN READ

There is more to smartphone portrait photography than just clicking the shutter button. Smartphones are more advanced than ever, so you do not need a DSLR or expensive equipment to create a memorable photograph. Lighting, angles, perspectives and many other components come into play when shooting a portrait, or any other type of picture for […]

16 Sep 2019 | 4 MIN READ

The double exposure effect is breaking the internet! This tutorial will show you how to create amazing double exposure images using the Pixomatic mobile application and online photo editor. In case you didn’t know, the double exposure effect combines two photos into a single image. This technique lets your creative juices flow and allows you […]

19 Jul 2017 | 4 MIN READ

Some say technology has brought us to a point where everyone can take amazing photos, even without any skills or prior…

21 Jun 2017 | 5 MIN READ

It doesn’t really matter whether you are shooting with the latest full-frame DSLR or an iPhone, because portrait…

12 Jun 2017 | 5 MIN READ

They say the hour before sunset is the perfect time for photographers to venture out for photoshoots. We couldn’t agree…

29 May 2017 | 5 MIN READ

Surreal photos seem to bend the reality and make us look twice. And that’s the most awesome part of them. They are both…

25 May 2017 | 4 MIN READ

Each and every new smartphone comes equipped with a camera capable of taking professional level photos. So, why…