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Street photography can seem like a difficult genre. Does scrolling through someone’s Instagram feed of street pictures make you think something like, “Wow! This person might be a really experienced photographer?” Maybe you start wondering about the feature-packed gear you’ll need to take those nice street photos? Well we have some good news for you… you just need your smartphone!

Let’s explore the capacities of your phone camera, and unleash your creative skills to take great-looking street pictures with your phone.

The Basics of Street Photography

Street photo shoots are all about capturing the right moments. No matter what tool you’re using – a professional camera or a smartphone – your main aim is to tell a story that resonates through your shot. 

The trick with city street photography is its unpredictability. You may step out the front door and find a moment to capture, but you need to learn how to actually notice them.   

To take good street shots, sharpen your observation skills. Pay attention to little details while taking a walk. Watch people and their emotions. Notice how a place you see regularly changes with time, weather, or season. 

Now, let’s move to compositional street photography tips that can help you take neat pictures in the street.

Mind the Symmetry

Symmetric pictures can seem rigid or inflexible, but they are so sharp! Streets are the best places to look for symmetry and take nice shots that can transmit harmony in busy city life. Whenever you’re out, scope out buildings, bridges, shop windows, and stairs. They’re great sources for symmetrical pictures. 

To take an appealing symmetrical photo, make one side of your composition mirror the other side. 

Play with Angles

Being outside with your phone in hand means you’re free to experiment with almost anything. It seems easier to crouch down in search of an unusual angle without a huge camera, doesn’t it? Consider high and low angles to create an exciting composition. 

Taking pictures from a high angle can give you a sense of almightiness. At the same time, playing around with low angles can show ordinary things from a new perspective. Either way, you can play with the size contrast and scale to add uniqueness to your shots. 

Find Frames

We’re not talking actual wooden picture frames, here. In photography, there is a compositional technique called framing. It lets you make the subject of your picture the focal point by separating it with the help of architectural elements, such as windows, railings, doorways, etc. Basically, you’re creating a frame and putting your subject in the middle. 

Let framing be your friend as you pursue your goal of bringing a viewer’s attention to a specific subject in your picture. Look for frames in the streets to take pictures that tell a story.

Exploit Bad Weather

Nobody wants to get soaked in the rain – unless you can capture candid pictures! Downpours are great to capture people in the city. Just imagine what a dynamic photograph of people rushing to their houses or waiting out the rain or warm inside cafes can entail. 

You can even use after-the-rain puddles or raindrops on windows as reflective surfaces that create an artistic image. 

Using your phone to take pictures in the rain has a substantial benefit, too: you can easily protect your phone by putting it in a water-resistant case. Or, if you have a chance to take a quick shot with one of your hands, protect it with an umbrella. So, there’s no need to worry about your gear getting soaked.  

All in all, finding inspiration in ordinary things is easier than you think. Next time you’re out, take your phone out of your pocket, and embrace your creative power – using our tips. Make your photos even better with Pixomatic app.

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