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4 Simple Ways to Remove Anything from Your Next Photo

Instantly remove any item from your latest picture — even erase text, shadows, or unwanted people. Our manual brush can delete whatever you want from a picture like it was never there. Just tap to delete, and get on with creating epic art for your audience.

Remove people from your photos

Don’t let strangers in the background ruin the perfect picture! Easily remove people from your photos with Pixomatic. Our magic picture editor cuts people from pictures without a trace; just tap to highlight the unwanted person you want to erase, and let the app do the rest.

Great for graphic artists, photographers, and other creatives who want full creative control during post-production.

Get rid of spots and blemishes for a flawless portrait

Uneven skin getting you down?
Send your next portrait to Pixomatic’s photo spa. No need to spend $$$ on creams and tonics; instead, put on some soothing music, download the app, and watch as our Magic Brush instantly erases small spots, blending for a smooth skin effect.

Our online object remover also works with every skin color, and even clears bumps, moles, or freckles in just one tap. Simply tap those beauty marks and watch them disappear for luminous portraits your followers will love!

Delete unwanted text without cropping

Unwanted text in photos can distract the eye. Use our Magic Brush tool to instantly erase or reduce words on billboards, t-shirts, or tv screens.

Forget the days when you had to crop out the best parts of your pics, and remove text, timestamps, and watermarks in seconds. Just highlight the area where you want to erase text, and watch it disappear.

Edit away shadows and shade like THAT

No time for shadows and shade? Pixomatic has a better way to edit out dark spots from images for instantly vibrant pics!

Get rid of funky phone shadows, or remove shade from smooth surfaces thanks to our in-app object removal tools. All you have to do is tap or outline the dark area you wish to clear, and sit back as Pixomatic does the rest.

Download the app and show the sun who’s boss during your next photoshoot.

How to Remove Unwanted Objects from Photos with Pixomatic

Want effortlessly clear pictures for every occasion? Our PRO-style online picture editor with AI-powered photo object removal does all the dirty work so you don’t have to. Here are two ways you can get flawless pics through the app anytime you post:

Use our Smart Remove Object Tool for Instant Results

Tap once, and voila! Watch as the unwanted objects from your photo are deleted and replaced with pixels from the surrounding area. Rinse and repeat to get rid of anything else in your images in seconds.

Use our Magic Brush for Manual Precision

Prefer the unique control of manual object removal? Pixomatic’s Magic Brush allows you to highlight ANY part of your image to erase what’s there. Use the tool to refine areas you’ve already deleted, or start from scratch.
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