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How to make NFT art with your photos

Learn to create NFT artwork with your photos and become an NFT creator in 5 easy steps:

Curate a photo collection

It doesn't matter how you do it - whether you shoot a whole new set-up, go on a photo journey, or select the top photos from your existing collection - it's important to curate a photo collection that is finite, so you can delve into the collectibles market.

Tell a photo story

It's just as important that you build a sense of connection between each photo, or design a story surrounding your collection. This will give 'buyers' the opportunity (and the incentive) to collect all the pieces in each series you create.

Edit your photos to perfection

Use popular photo editor apps like Pixomatic during the creation process to amplify your creativity and transform your photo collection into a unique series that no one has seen before. Look for apps that use AI technology for fast photo edits–our users love how they can generate sellable artwork in seconds!

Save your collection

Save your collection to your phone or computer, and protect your files if possible. It doesn't matter what file type you save your images as either–so long as each photo in your collection is under 100mb

Turn your photos into NFTs

Use popular websites like Rarible and Opensea to upload your work and 'tokenize' each photo asset

What does NFT mean?

It stands for non-fungible cryptographic token. These tokens represent real pieces of digital art written on a blockchain network. Blockchain networks like Bitcoin are what ensures that "tokenized" artwork is unique and cannot be replicated. Tokens therefore help to protect the creator's property rights and facilitate the safe, secure buying and selling of digital art. That's because these are units of data that are stored, transferred, and protected a lot like the dollars in your bank account–which means they can be used to digitally certify your art. This function is what ultimately allows you to get paid as an NFT creator.

Want to know more? Here are some commonly asked questions about NFT digital art:

What type of digital art can I use as an NFT creator?

Generally, anything can become an NFT. Some of the most popular types are:
- Collectibles
- Artwork
- Music and media
- Games
- Memes
- Remarkable sport moments
Digital assets that than become tokens can be made with any type of online art maker. Only your creativity is the limit.

What are the most popular types?

The most popular type of cryptoart is collectibles. These are special, limited digital file collections (such as photos) that have a strong story behind them. Buyers are usually incentivized to own the whole collection, which is why these types of assets are being sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How do I become an NFT creator?

1. Choose your favorite tool to create digital art.
2. Have your art 'minted' using popular apps or websites found online, such as Binance, OpenSea, or Rarible.
3. You can also use these website's marketplaces to host and sell your tokenized art - that's how you officially become an NFT creator.

How do I mint my NFT?

1. Choose an online NFT generator like OpenSea or Rarible to have your image minted.
2. Select a cryptocurrency you want to use, and connect your crypto wallet to the chosen marketplace.
3. Upload the digital asset you want to mint and follow process instructions.
4. Add funds to your wallet (some minters require a small processing fee).
5. Begin selling your newly minted NFT.

Where can I sell my NFT art?

You can sell your NFT art on digital marketplaces like Binance, OpenSea or Rarible. Make sure you do your research before you choose a marketplace for your products. Some marketplaces focus on photo assets, while others prefer music or game media. They also differ based on preferred blockchain type. When you opt into an NFT marketplace, you'll be instructed to follow a minting process, describe product details, set royalties, and pay any related fees. Once minted, you can then begin to monetize your artwork on the chosen marketplace.

Let Pixomatic be your NFT art generator

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