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Discover your unique personal aesthetic as a digital artist with picture filters and effects you won’t find on any other picture enhancer or photo booth effects app.
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Explore our extensive collection of photo filters

Show your audience the real you with an exceptional blend of trending picture filters and effects. Whether you want to bring the 90s vibe, add a chromatic flair, try out vintage overlays, or build a portfolio of black & white digital art, the Pixomatic 3D photo effect app has got your back!

Photo-to-art brilliance with AI image effects

Have a special event coming up? Then your pics deserve some serious VIP treatment. Try out the most popular overlays in our seasonal collections of photo filters and photo overlays including Christmas, Halloween, and St. Valentine's day collections, or create your own blend of artistic filters with light saturation, color splash, and 300+ other incredible image effects.

Old-school image filters for vintage photo effect

You don’t need to build a whole dark-room to get authentic retro picture effects. The Pixomatic polaroid effect app has tons of old photo filters to give your pics a truly classic feel. Transform the snaps you took yesterday with one of our lens flare or negative photo effects, and make them look like they were taken decades ago.

Make classic pop art from your pics with photo filters

Create masterpieces out of selfies and portraits with paint-style filters and online image effects from every art period. Whether you want a renaissance moment, to design a sketch drawing, or add a modern art feel, there is sure to be a few artistic filters out there to supercharge your latest throw-back photo session.

Lasting photo effects for any time of day

Less is more when you add overlays to your pics. Keep your pics and images natural with subtle light filters suited to any time of year. Add simple sun flashes and gleam photo overlays for bright outdoor pics, or minimal shadow effects to highlight your next golden hour glow-up. Explore different weather photo filters to enhance a tropical vacation moment, or paint a surreal rain portrait using blur tool and other seasonal image designs.

Featured online image filters and funky text photo effects

Finesse your favorite picture or photo collage with Pixomatic using any of our featured photo filters and text fonts. Our designers are always coming up with new editing features and customizable options for text insertion, so your ads, banners, posts, and collages stand out from all the rest. Simply choose a picture or created image from your reel, apply text, and add any online photo filters you like.

How to apply picture filters or photo effects

1Select your latest portrait or selfie from your phone's picture gallery, or create an entirely new design by uploading several images into a single, layered collage.
2Choose from over 100 different filters and add it to your pic creation.
3Apply any of our 300+ photo effects to your image, and drag and drop any overlays you want on top.
4Preview and save your ready-made design to your camera reel, selecting the size and format you need.
5Enjoy the result of using these amazing photo editing tools!
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