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Forget the training wheels and discover all the photo effects you can dream of with our picture editor for casual and pro creatives!
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Here are 7 ways to edit and score amazing pictures whenever you want ‘em:

Create next-level image tricks with background removal & custom cutouts

When you want captivating compositions, you need to treat the eye. Use our bg remover and magic AI cut tool to customize your latest picture collage, or layer different pics for unique photo effects.

It’s easy: just tap and watch the magic happen, or manually select an area to create a transparent cut out from your original image. You can even save time with our batch image editor, which lets you edit multiple pictures all at once.

Remove unsightly objects from your favorite pic

To keep your audience interested, you gotta focus the viewer’s eye. Whether you’re putting together a product post, a new ad, or your latest social update, use our object remover to get rid of anything you don’t want in your pictures.

Select a photobomber and watch them disappear, erase text or shadows from smooth surfaces, and say goodbye to blemishes and spots forever. Simply edit pics and highlight to keep you, your products, or your friends in the spotlight.

Get your picture looking its best with simple, trendy photo effects

Everybody acts like a photo pro these days, when really they’re just using a few simple tools to create amazing pictures. Upload an image and use our blur or accent tools to feature the natural elements of your next visual project. Try altering shadows and perspective for a more artistic feel, or overlay several pics at once with our photo blender.

Need some inspiration? Watch one of our guides and follow along to edit images and give a professional edge to every pic on your reel.

Get far-out picture perspectives with our blur image tool

Want to add a professional touch to your pictures? The blur tool adds an extra layer of depth to your edited pics, and lets you pick and choose which areas you want to distort for full artistic freedom. Now you can take sweet selfies or promo pics anywhere you want without worrying about what’s going on in the background. Try out your skills with our blur photo background tool–great for those pics where you really want to stand out from the crowd!

Forget the scissors! Make funky, unforgettable photo collages in seconds

The days of cutting up picture scraps are over! Upload your favorite snaps to create incredible image mash-ups with our photo collage maker. Test different photo templates to inspire your next Instagram or Pinterest post, or create one-of-a-kind collages from a blank canvas. Just drag and drop pics, and play with 100s of filters & effects to customize ultra-memorable photo designs…then share with friends, relatives, or your followers!

Use us for photo editing inspiration whenever the mood strikes

We always keep the inspo coming so you can get busy creating great social content with Pixomatic’s photo editor. Add text, use a filter, or resize images for flawless posting across multiple platforms.

Get connected to a huge image and template library, where you can find almost any pic that comes to mind. Next, follow our socials for 24/7 inspiration, and show us what you can do!

Tap into the power of AI to design your own photo art

Your latest snaps are so much more than just pictures; they are a material you can use to invent incredible works of art... or just the latest viral meme. Grab any image on your reel and test the bounds of your creativity with our photo editor.

Get access to double exposure & distortion tools for auto-generated photo effects. Need to make a deadline? Select a few pics and let the app render a new collage or layered template in seconds, just like the pros.

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