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Avaliable on Chrome, Firefox and Safari

Why Pixomatic?

Pixomatic is state-of-the-art online photo editor with a unique image cutting feature. You can instantly remove a background from any photo, make it transparent, add different colors and filters, or change the background with another photo.

Pixomatic online photo editor fits great for personal use but is also popular among business users. Our layer management tool gives you possibility to create stunning photo manipulations and montages. Making double exposure with Pixomatic is a breeze. Thinking about complex we didn’t forget about simple. With our intuitive interface working on Pixomatic will be a total pleasure.

Pixomatic for business

Instantly create e-commerce product photos on white backgrounds
with Pixomatic web photo editor in 3 easy steps.

  • Outline the image edges you would like to cut out.

  • Use Hair tool if your product has fuzzy edges and fine details.

  • Change background to white one.

* Save cut out images on transparent background for future use.

Pixomatic for creative people

Web is the new home of Pixomatic. Online access to advanced photo editing tools such as layer management, image selection, blend modes and more. From double exposures to complex photo manipulations and montages we got you all covered.

Features of Pixomatic

The best image cut out app
available on the App Store.