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It’s smooth and easy to take good pictures with iPhone, the camera and its awesome parameters take care of that for you most of the time. Trouble starts when the weather goes bad. Some people just stop taking pictures and patiently wait for the clouds to go away. Our tip is – don’t do it. You might miss out on some amazing iPhone photos opportunities. Stay out and shoot, because capturing awesome artsy images is possible even on a beginner level. Here are some purely awesome iPhone photography tips and tricks to test on the next wet day. You can shoot during the rain and right after it. You can even capture great rain themed images while staying indoors (and completely dry). Let me take you on a walk in the warm, spring rain. It’s the season, after all. Raindrop

1. The first rule of iPhone photography in the rain? Switch to B&W.

The colors are the main issue. If you shoot in gray weather under cloudy skies, the hues won’t be intense enough, and even fixing the saturation or enhancing the color in your favorite apps won’t save your image. Only the sun could. Or perhaps less color. Black and white is always classy, and it looks just glorious even when the weather goes south. No matter what you are shooting – people, architecture, nature, food, pets, selfies, you name it – your image will always look better in B&W when it rains. Do it, be classy, and get amazing iPhone photos.

2. The second trick to take good pictures with your iPhone? Shoot the rain itself!

Rain droplets can be picture perfect if you know how to actually approach them. Shooting trough a glass is a good way to get started with capturing the raindrop magic through your iPhone lenses. You might love this tip, because it lets you shoot from indoors without getting soaking wet in pouring rain just to get a good picture for your social media channels. OK, I’m joking, but I think you know what I wanted to say. Raindrops of various sizes and shapes make the view behind them look very intriguing and artistic, which will make your photo original and different from the sunny shots everyone else takes. raindrops Tbilisi If it really pours, you probably won’t get the best skyline, but you can change the rules of the game and try to just shoot the pouring water to create photos for abstract art lovers. Jackson Pollock would do that all the time if he had an iPhone, so why wouldn’t you? Mysterious effect guaranteed. Technical iPhone photography tip: If your shots look rather blurry than artsy, change the distance between the lens (or rather the iPhone) and the object, and try to refocus. If you are photographing a busy street, lock the focus not to let the outside movements disturb your creative process. To lock focus, tap and hold the screen for a few seconds. You should see AE/AF Lock at the top of it then. If you have macro lens, don’t be afraid to go for extreme close-ups! You will even be able to see tiny reflections inside the droplets if you do so. Believe me, this is a way to take a mind blowing image without advanced photography skills or pricey gear.

3. Reflections

Reflection Most of people dislike puddles, but iPhone photographers shouldn’t feel that way. Why? Well, it’s simple. Because we can use these little pools of water to create amazing iPhone photos. Just look at them, do you see it already? Yes, reflections! Capture them before they are gone forever! It’s a great trick to shot unique skylines and cityscapes, you just need big puddles for the effect to be even more awesome. In other cases, just wet, half-transparent surfaces are enough. Experiment with different angles and make the reflections live their own life.

4. Aiming to take amazing iPhone photos?  Don’t skip the umbrellas!

Umbrella Umbrellas make the streets look fun. Especially if you leave a drop of color just where the umbrella is, making it a dominant element in your image. The umbrellas come in all shades and patterns nowadays, so spotting and composing the most interesting ones might actually be a whole lot of fun. It will give your shot an artsy vibe. It might even look like some post-impressionist French painting if you compose it well enough! Who wants to try it out? Don’t forget to post the results all over social media! You can also play the same game with rain coats if you happen to be somewhere where people like to sport them in different colors.

5. Portraits in the rain?

We talked street scenes and macro shots of the rain droplets. But what about portraits? Is it even technically possible to capture a nice portrait in rainy weather? It is! And you can re-use tip no 2 here, too. You just need to find a big glass in public space. Perhaps bus stops in your city have one? Or maybe you can spot a glass door? Or a car’s side window? Everyone looks nice with some droplets on the face, so hurry up and catch the moment!

6. Be prepared for water splashes

If you are shooting outdoors, especially on a busy street, you need to be very well prepared. Rain droplets are incredibly photogenic, but too much of them can cause a lot of harm to your beloved gear. Get prepared and spoil yourself with a nice waterproof case to take even more amazing iPhone photos. If you are equipped with good gear, and you don’t need to be worried about water splashes around, you can come closer and photograph them, too. This alone is a reason why a top-notch rainproof case is worth splurging on. Splash and Children on a rainy day I really hope I’ve convinced you to venture out on a rainy day and take a photowalk. It’s so worth it! Don’t let the lack of sunshine put you off shooting. You will be awarded with unique, mysterious shots of this little wonder we call rain. Remember that something that initially puts you off taking photos might open amazing opportunities for incredible iPhone photography moments and discoveries! Have you tried any of these tricks to take better iPhone photo yourself? Do you have some tips to share with our readers? Sharing is caring, guys!