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Every year on March 8, people all over the world celebrate women — their intelligence, bravery, strength, fearlessness, and creativity. Searching for a way to congratulate your mom, sister, grandmother, friend, partner, or colleague on this special day? We’ve got you. Follow us to create unique greeting cards for International Women’s Day. 

At Pixomatic, we’ve prepared ready-made templates dedicated to International Women’s Day so you don’t get puzzled trying to figure out how to make a cute card. You can customize them as you like to create a beautiful and creative greeting card with just a few taps. 

If you feel like using your own creative powers, you can design your own greeting card. How about something like this one?

1. Prepare your pics 

To create a truly unique and unforgettable greeting card, you’ll choose and use various pictures of women (of course). Pick images that feature different character traits and personalities.

The idea of our design is to put every woman in the spotlight and celebrate the support we can give each other. 

We have selected five images — vector graphic silhouettes of women — which will be a perfect match for our greeting card. Browse Pixomatic’s Library to find images for your own creative photo edits.

Once you’ve chosen and saved the images, you can use "Magic Cut" to cut out several photos at the same time. 

To do this, select all of the photos in the gallery, and tap “Apply Magic Cut.”

2. Create an amazing layout

Once your photos have been cut out, select the empty background layer, and crop it to the aspect ratio you want. In our case, that's a 3:4 aspect ratio.

Here’s our result. 

Next, let’s flip a few silhouettes using the “Flip H” tool.

Then, create a new layer, and fill it with a color that works well with the cutouts. To do that, you need to tap “+” on the sidebar, and select “Fill.” We’ve chosen a peachy-pink color, but you can pick whatever color you want. 

Move this new layer below all the other layers with silhouettes.

3. Add a real photo

Here’s the most important step: add a picture of a woman you’d like to congratulate. It might even be yourself! Whomever you recognize, choose a photo that you feel represents that person best.

After adding your new image layer, apply “Magic Cut” to it, following the same steps as before. Refine the edges with “Eraser” if necessary. 

Play with the order of the layers, layering in the live-action photo however you find most appealing. You can also tweak the vector silhouettes by changing their size or placement. Take your time with editing to make sure you love the design!

4. Write your message

What’s the most important thing about greeting cards? Your message, of course. 

Use our photo text editor to add your message.

Choose the font or the color of the text using the “Text tool", and when you’re done, tap “Apply.”

5. Finalize the design

We’re almost there! Let’s add a final touch of finesse to the greeting card by adjusting the colors of the photo, using the brightness, exposure, contrast, and other settings.

That’s how you can make greeting cards from photos with Pixomatic! Easy and awesome, right?

For even more inspiration, take a look at these examples featuring smart, strong, and creative women. 

We can’t wait to see how you use your International Women’s Day greeting cards to celebrate!