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Set to celebrate Easter? This cultural holiday is enjoyed in many countries and has its own traditions like coloring Easter Eggs, the Easter Egg Hunt, and meeting the Easter Bunny. The holiday is also a busy time for brands as they launch marketing campaigns and try to attract customers! 

We’ve gathered some fantastic Easter social media post ideas that you can use this Easter to get your audience in the festive spirit and boost social media reach and engagement. Let’s hop right into it.

1. Bring on the holiday symbols!

What’s Easter without the Easter Bunny or an egg hunt, right? They’re some of the best parts of the holiday! Add bunnies and bright Easter eggs to your social media visuals, and mark the start of this hoppy holiday season. 

No time for design, or do you need inspiration for Easter post ideas? Check out our Artsy templates. They’re “eggcellent!” 

2. Create an Easter greeting card

Try a traditional “Happy Easter” post if you’d like to build stronger connections with your audience and show your appreciation. It can work wonders and let your customers know you care about them during the holiday! 

Use our Easter greeting cards to create amazing designs for your social media page.

3. Run paid advertising

Regular social media posts are great, but you can do so much more with paid ads! With them, you can target the relevant audience and get more sales, clicks, and signups. 

Are you already considering running an ad? You’d need a catchy Easter banner with a strong headline and a call to action. You can even do A/B testing by comparing a few different ad sets to see which performs better. 

You can also create your own promo template or consider using Pixomatic’s ready-made visuals. Go to “Promo templates” to find Easter templates, add your product, add text to the picture or customize a template. With a few clicks, your ad will be ready to shine on social media!

4. Get your audience involved

User-generated content can do magic for brand awareness. Engage your audience with fun social media campaigns, challenges, and other activities. 

You can even encourage your audience to share their Easter pics or videos with a specific hashtag. And if you want to, you can design a special template or a cute sticker pack that your followers can use.

Check out these pics created with Easter stickers.

5. Organize an Egg hunt

Make your social media Easter posts interactive to engage your users! Organize a digital Easter Egg Hunt by asking your customers to look through your social posts to find the hidden Easter Egg! Scan these pics to find the hidden Easter Egg.

Reward the fastest user with an Easter-themed prize, or offer a discount on your product or service. 

The Easter holiday is a great time to set your brand’s social media abuzz. Use our five quick tips to create great festive content that hooks your followers. 

Can’t wait to see your Easter posts created with our photo editor app.