Photo retouch

Pixomatic offers several essential tools that will improve your photo retouch experience. The Face feature includes tools that remove blemishes, add glow to your face, whiten teeth, and much more! Also, Pixomatic offers the Magic Brush and the Clone Stamp tools that allow you to remove unwanted items instantly! Follow the tutorials to make the best of the photo retouch tools!

29 Jan 2021 | 4 MIN READ

Everyone loves life hacks because they help us save time and energy. Well, you’re going to be over the moon after reading this article because it’s packed with life-saving online photo editing tools. Thanks to technology, almost everything is being automated, which is giving us access to a lot of tools. For instance, I would’ve […]

25 Mar 2020 | 3 MIN READ

Retro and aged photos are not going out of trend anytime soon. In fact, tarnished photos are listed as one of the key photography trends in 2020! Why is it so popular? I am glad you asked because retro photography is a means of conveying nostalgia of bygone years through places, people, fashion, and color.  […]

10 Jan 2020 | 4 MIN READ

Adding a trickle of waves to eye color is perfect for those of you who had or wish for a relaxing vacation near the ocean. A beautiful reflection in one’s eyes is much more creative than a pose on a blurry beach. It will draw attention to the person’s features and make their eyes the […]

16 Oct 2019 | 2 MIN READ

Removing items from your photos is tricky and requires skill, practice, and patience. After all, you don’t want it to look obvious that you edited your photo, especially after Instagram enabled the zoom feature. Pixomatic found a way to fix the problem by creating multiple tools that allow you to remove unwanted items from your […]

15 Oct 2019 | 3 MIN READ

It’s time you stand out from the crowd. In this day and age, selfies play a significant game on social media. We express ourselves through the pictures that we post online. Selfies are here to stay, but unfortunately, not all smartphone cameras can deliver perfect pictures. Pixomatic created face tools that allow you to freshen […]

16 Sep 2019 | 3 MIN READ

A blurred background is the latest photography trend. The newest smartphones offer modes that allow users to automatically blur the background to draw attention to the subject or object. This feature is also available on digital cameras; all you have to do is set a large aperture. If you do not have portrait mode on […]