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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to see the world around turn red and smell like roses. If you’re reading this article, you probably already began looking for the perfect gift and planning a romantic date for your significant other. You might also be wondering how to perfectly capture the wonderful memories that you will share. Taking selfies is not easy, especially when there are two or more people in the frame. This article features simple tips you can follow to take killer couple selfies with your loved one.

Capture candid moments

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We left fake candid photos in 2019. When you look at a picture with your significant other, you want to remember the memory behind it. Let this memory be of you sharing a milkshake, riding a Ferris wheel, goofing around in the subway, or wandering in the city. You don’t want to look at a couple picture and remember how you posed for it. It’s now time to embrace real moments. Make room in your smartphone storage, make sure the battery is full, and capture the best moments with your better half.

How to take mirror selfies

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Mirror selfies are still in! What I love about mirror selfies is that they capture your whole body and allow you to play around with different couple selfie poses. You can use any mirror, in the elevator, reception area, or your bedroom. What matters is your body language: hug your S/O or give them a piggyback ride. If you’re using a full-length mirror, you can sit on the floor. No matter what you do, make sure the mirror is clean, or you’ll end up with a low-quality picture.

Know what to include in your photos

There are simple photography tricks that enhance your images, even if you’re not a professional photographer. One of these rules is knowing what to include in your pictures and what needs to go. If you’re taking an intimate picture with your partner - let’s say you’re holding hands or kissing - it’s better if you both make up most of the photo. The same rule applies if your background is not nice. You can also use a background remover so as to make it perfect. On the contrary, if your background includes interesting and beautiful elements like a sunset, a monument, or a mural, make sure they're visible.

Taking a perfect photo on the first try is not easy; even professional photographers take multiple pictures to get a few good options. When you want to remove an element from your composition, either crop it out or use object removal tools.

Look for a genuine smile

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One of the things that photogenic people have in common is that their smile is genuine, or they know how to fake a genuine smile. Before taking a selfie, compliment your partner or tell them a joke - the magic of your words will work instantly.

Use equipment and accessories

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If you can’t keep your arm steady or you want to take a full-body photo, and you can’t find anyone to help you out, use a camera and smartphone equipment. You can easily get your hands on tripods and selfie sticks that will help you capture the best moments with your significant other!

Photograph the details

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Capture full-photos but also leave room for closer crops. Take photos of your hands, the milkshake you ordered, or the movie you’re watching on your laptop. These images will later remind you of the fun time you had.

Consider golden hour selfies

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The golden hour is your best friend. The light that is radiated during the golden hour, which occurs around sunset and sunrise, flatters your face by enhancing your features. If you capture shots against the light, you and your significant other will appear as silhouettes, and the mesmerizing and colorful view will serve as the perfect background.

The other reason why you should consider taking the golden hour for your couple selfies is that there is nothing more romantic than the colors of the sunset and sunrise.

Valentine’s Day is a beautiful opportunity for you to express how much you love your partner. Follow these tips to capture lovely moments that you will cherish forever. Share your couple selfies on social media if you want to show the world how much you love them, but keep the best ones for you two.

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