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February is almost here, which means one thing – Valentine's Day is just around the corner. But is your social media campaign ready?

If you are still working on your brand's content for this special day of love, check out the ideas below to better connect with your target audience and increase engagement at the same time.

1. Be inclusive in your Valentine’s Day promo messaging

Valentine's Day is not just about relationship status – it has gone far beyond dating and romance. People celebrate love for their family, friends, their pets, as well as love for themselves. But don't make the mistake of ignoring the number of people who don't care about this holiday. Your content should appeal to everyone. So, when creating your Valentine’s Day social media post, remember that your messaging should be inclusive, appeal to different kinds of people, and talk about different types of love. 

Here’s a tip: while editing an image for your post, add texts ans experiment with various taglines like "Valentine's Day is time for self-love,” “Make yourself a present,” or "Express love to your friends."  You can always combine these taglines with a special promo for your product or service.

2. Run catchy Valentine’s Day ads campaigns for your products

As much as we all want to boost organically our social presence, it’s become increasingly challenging. Running a promo on social media will help you advertise your best-selling products and reach your desired audience. 

To create appealing Valentine’s-themed banners or flyers, you can use our ready-made Promo Templates. If you want, you can even customize them by adding Love Effects and Stickers.

To do this, select a Valentine’s promo template and add your product image, which will be magically cut out to fit the template. If you want to play with some nice effects that match the holiday, tap the Effects tab and choose the “Love” category. And if you feel like adding some cute stickers, go to the Stickers tab, and pick the “Love” category again.

3. Use authentic designs

Your content needs to be one-of-a-kind. Otherwise, it will get lost in the ocean of hearts, flowers, and candies. Think about what your audience wants and what you can do to fill their content feeds with fresh and unique V-day posts. Maybe your followers don't like cute cupids or traditional pink hearts – but perhaps they are into something eye-catching and rock'n'roll-themed? 

In the Pixomatic Library, you’ll find various templates to help you express love to your audience – cute and sweet, bold and unusual, minimalist and subtle. For instance, take a look at our collection of Artsy Templates and Profile Pics. There are many not-so-typical options to choose from for Valentine’s Day marketing. 

4. Spread extra love

What does it mean? Well, different things! You may offer a special discount to your customers or give a particular product as a bonus to an order. Or you can decide to provide complimentary festive packaging or free shipping. 

5. Greet your followers

If you don’t have the time or budget for massive social media campaigns with oodles of ads and posts, you can simply celebrate the day and show appreciation to your dear followers with a sweet greeting card. 

Explore a variety of greeting cards in the Pixomatic Library.

Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to connect emotionally with your audience, express gratitude, and drive sales through socials.

Remember, it’s important to stay inclusive, talk to different types of customers regardless of their relationship status, use unique and strong visuals, and surprise your customers with something extra.

Now, go and have some fun with your V-day campaigns!