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Imagine this: You have a class or a meeting on Zoom, and your background is messy or too distracting. What do you do? You have two options: one, clean the mess, and two, get yourself a virtual background that will hide the chaos. Let’s be real; option two is the way to go.

The virtual background feature is saving our face. What I love about virtual backgrounds is that they can be aesthetic, zen, or funny, and can change the mood of your audience and leave a good impression. Keep that in mind next time you’re doing a presentation or just attending a meeting.

These times are stressful, so even a cute or funny virtual background can boost the morale of your classmates and coworkers. I created a few virtual backgrounds that you can use yourself. Check them out!

Category 1: For the love of good vibes!

It's spring now, even though we might not get to enjoy it as we do every year. Use these virtual backgrounds of fruits to spread fresh and positive vibes to your audience. The bright colors will also enhance the mood of your video chat room.


Category 2: For the love of cameos!

I love cameos; we all do. My favorite one so far is Lisa Kudrow's cameo in the fourth season of The Good Place. Seeing her on the screen again felt good. So, why not give your audience the same feeling? Famous TV characters have made special appearances in the following virtual backgrounds. This will give everyone a good laugh!

funny zoom virtual background
Do you spot Wile Coyote and Road Runner on the highway?
funny zoom virtual background
The one where Gunther is working in a stock photo.
funny zoom virtual background
Imagine if the annoying orange was the sun and it woke us up every day. No, just no.

Category 3: For the love of cuteness!

If you want your audience to go awww, use these virtual backgrounds. You can't look at cute marshmallows or pets and not smile. It's just impossible. Spread positive vibes around you as much as you can!

I made this virtual background especially for kawaii enthusiasts.
Fact: puppies are made out of rainbows.
The one where a cat took over a city.

Switching to online classes and meetings is a challenge, but I feel we're getting the hang of it. Whatever you do, make sure to make those you interact with feel comfortable. We're all in this together.