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Digital collage is a photo editing trend that is here to stay, and I’m here for it! You might remember making collages out of cutouts from magazines and newspapers when you were a kid. It was my favorite activity in arts and crafts because they’re easy to make, and there are no rules to making a beautiful collage. Digital collage made a fantastic entrance to the photo editing scene, and we’re embracing it. I recently published a blog post that guides you through making digital collages with Pixomatic. This article, however, will give you ideas to create your own digital collage.


This digital collage style allows you to highlight the flattering features of the model.


Wear your favorite paintings

Why wear designer brands why you can wear famous paintings? I wouldn't mind being a walking and breathing museum.


aesthetic collage

Nonsense aesthetic

What I love about digital collage is that it doesn't have to make sense.

newspaper collage



Embrace your halo

Citric halos? Sign me up. For some reason, I find citrus fruits like limes and oranges to be aesthetically pleasing. They also add a cool effect to collages.

Digital collage


Digital collage


Now that you've checked out a few inspirational ideas, why not go ahead and make killer digital collages? That'll boost your creativity and help you relax!