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Besides being cute and funny, animal stickers have potential to change your image completely, or even take it to another level. Mobile photography is going to become a real contemporary art, and the stickers are an integral part of it. Never heard of animal stickers? You can learn about them on our blog.  Now that we are all on the same page, let’s talk about animal stickers strategies. How should one use them to become a better online artist and a more successful social media user? Here we come to assist you. We had some tips and ideas in our heads when we were designing our 120+ animal stickers.  First of all, be creative. Play with our editor and with all the funny faces we have in our sticker bundle. Everything is possible with our app, one tap at a time!


Remember when a few years ago selfies were considered a rather pretentious trend? They’ve totally overgrown themselves lately. No one is questioning the selfie game anymore. It’s quite the opposite; everyone is trying to score high at it. Celebrities are not an exception here.  Animal stickers are the perfect way to make your selfies more unique. Photobombing yourself doesn’t have to be a prank anymore; it can also have some art qualities. The basic rule of our favorite selfie game says that your pretty face isn’t enough, intense background always counts.  And what’s better than a laughing llama? Not too many things, don’t you agree?


This one might not be self-explanatory, so let me ask you a question. Do you remember how tremendously popular Grumpy Cat memes were a few years ago? That kitten would meow at you from every single corner of the internet for months. Pets can be (and are) celebs, too. Some of the famous snouts are to be found among our animal stickers.  Use them to show the world that you appreciate some pet celebs, and their overwhelming cuteness. The animal can become a foreground of literally any image you wish, so the possibilities are endless. Meow! How to transform your images with Pixomatic animal stickers Cat


I’m not sure if memes are already considered art, but I’m quite confident that most of internet addicts would totally consider them as such. So should you, if you are into social media and mobile photo editing. Our brand new animal stickers might actually become your shortcut to creating unique memes with your own images. All you need is a nice photo, an animal photobomb sticker, a smart caption, and a dose of swag. That’s pretty much a basic meme recipe. Can’t wait what you’ll cook out of that.


I’m sure everyone has them in their family and personal photo albums. They are not unheard of on social media platforms either. The dreaded boring group pictures. They might be school yearbook photos, images from family receptions, conference pictures, souvenirs from various projects…you name it. Just an image of people standing arm in arm with serious faces, trying to look adult, professional, elegant or whatever else that makes them presentable in given circumstances. I’m sure a little groundhog would make them look better. Don’t have plans for Sunday? Apply animal stickers on all boring group images from your personal archive and show them to their friends. I’m sure there will be a lot of laugh, joy, and giggles. How to transform your images with Pixomatic animal stickers Dog


Ask your BFF out for a photoshoot in a park or perhaps use some older images of you two together, if you have some. The more serious you both look, the better. Prom dresses?  Bow ties? Your another friend’s wedding reception? Great.  The fancier occasion you pick, the funnier it might get.  Do you have it? Good, now you only need to fill the images with some great animal stickers. Send it to your friend or make a little photobook to make it even more hilarious. And you need an edgy sloth to make it reality!


Sometimes breaking all the rules is the literally best rule of all.  It might be the case with animal photobomb stickers as well. Create crazy collages with your image and as many animal stickers as possible. You might also try to make some surreal pieces. I’m sure Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali would do that if they had smartphones. They didn’t, so you should create some animal photobomb art in their honor. Remember, there are no rules, only your imagination, the background and some hilarious animals.


I’m sure you’ve seen it all and sincerely hated it. These copy-paste holiday shots that literally everyone who visits famous destinations needs to take. A person standing next to Di Trevi Fountain in Rome.  A couple hugging in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Someone standing in front of London Eye. An obligatory shot next to the remaining piece of the Berlin Wall… The list is long and I’m sure you’ve got the point by now. Maybe even you are guilty of some of these. There is only one proper way to actually fix these. Photobomb them with animal stickers! I’m sure your Di Trevi selfie will look better it features a piglet sporting red rubber boots. I would actually suggest to paste the animal right IN the fountain. Time to put these animal stickers tips and trips into practice! Ready, steady, get on your phone and download 120+ animal stickers! Let us tell you more, till July 8 you can access our all-in-one photo editor with 60 % discount! Join us at Pixomatic! Let’s have share some hilarious animal sticker moments!How to transform your images with Pixomatic animal stickers Horse