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Giggle-inducing images hilariously photobombed by animals have been around for a while now. I’m sure you have seen them around. They are constantly winning the internet and ruling various social media. Rightfully so – a good animal photobomb will cheer up even the grumpiest person on a worst of Mondays. Because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love animals? We all do, especially if they bring us a good laugh like the one Jason Wire put together for Matador. There are even blogs dedicated to that stuff and tons of Pinterest boards. It’s a fact – animal kingdom is taking over. It’s time to create new memories and images! We are ready. Get on your phone and download 120+ animal stickers! Not only that, till July 8 you can access our all-in-one photo editor with 60 % discount! Join us at Pixomatic! Let’s have some animal photobomb fun together!

Your day needs an animal photobomb. Don’t look for one – create it

Animal photobomb – have you heard of this social media trend before?

According to Techopedia, Photobomb is an online phenomenon that occurs when a third party interferes with a photo in a way that shifts the focus from the original subject(s) to the photobomber. Photobombing can be as simple as jumping into the frame as the picture is taken, or may involve an elaborate setup with costumes and props. These actions are referred to as a photobomb because they usually ruin the photo in the eyes of the intended subjects. You will find numerous articles online that present the funniest animal photobomb virals featuring zillions of photos, from adorable to truly awkward. Actually, these collections started appearing on the internet around 2008, so it’s been a while. The same images are being recycled million times and even if they are still bringing smile to your face, it’s time to make something clear. You need fresh content. Your own freshly photobombed content, that is. And Pixomatic is here to help you reach your online presence goal while laughing out loud at the same time.

Taking the photobomb game to the next level

As we all know getting a natural animal photobomb isn’t the easiest game. Most importantly, you need the animal to rudely show up right in the middle of your photoshoot and pose with a dose of graceful swag. This isn’t something that awaits you behind every corner. But it does await you in our photo editor. Literally all you need to do to invade the world with the funniest animal photoboms is to download Pixomatic app and enjoy our brand new Animal Photobomb sticker series.

Photobomb your amazing iPhone photography with hilarious animals at their best!

Well, isn’t this great news? You don’t really need to meet a real llama anymore to photobomb your Machu Picchu holiday shot and get a hilarious effect (plus hundreds of likes on social media). Now you can just apply one of our stickers and stick it anywhere on your image. You will have a great selection of animal faces to choose from. A surprised baby monkey? A laid-back Siberian Husky? The grumpiest cat in the galaxy? A clumsy panda bear? A laughing pug? A piglet sporting red boots? An unimpressed llama? We covered all these and a lot more just for you. They are very different. Some are big, some small. Some are herbivorous, other love meat. Some live in the wild, others make great pets. There is one thing they all have incommon – they are professional photobombers with big personalities, all ready to transform your ordinary images into a comedy masterpiece. They seriously take the photobomb game to a new level and we can already promise you that their game is totally killing it!

Ready for some awesome animal photobombs? It’s your turn now!

We are literally dying to see your hilarious edits. It’s easy. Choose a photo. Edit it. Browse through our stickers packs. Choose the funniest animal. Apply it on your picture. Our animal stickers are perfectly suitable to photobomb landscapes, portraits, group photos, food photography. You can even experiment with animals photobombing other animals. Anything you wish is possible, now you have the key to the animal kingdom! Playing with animal photobombs? Don’t forget to share your images, we will be featuring the best user edits on our blog to show the world how hilarious animal photobomb can get thanks to our unique sticker series. The highest photobomb league is waiting for your edits! And you won’t need to wait to be arrogantly interrupted by an animal while shooting photos in the wild. A smartphone is enough these days. Have you ever had any hilarious animal photobomb experience you would like to share with us today? We are all ears (and eyes!) animal photobomb cat