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Gone are the days when one had to have a professional or at least a semi-professional DSLR camera to shoot outstanding photos. iPhone photography or simply phone photography is the new trend. Because a phone is always with you and it’s way easier to snap unexpected moments with a phone than with a camera. You might have seen the numerous hashtags (#iPhonephotography, #iPhonephoto, etc.) that usually appear on Instagram (IG). People love Instagram because it’s easy to use and it does not allow active links that we all hate so much (though rumor has it that IG, too, is going to activate this feature). So, guess what? Instagram is one of the best places to show the world what motivates you and gets your creative juices flowing, as well as how awesome an iPhone photographer you are. Promoting your iPhone photos on Instagram can help you become one of the social media influencers and create a huge personal brand. So, how to take your Instagram account to the next level? Let’s check out the following 7 steps that can bring you to successful Instagramming:

1. Find your niche

This is nearly as important as finding a life partner. And I mean it! Because you need to find your own voice for promoting iPhone photography. It should be something that defines you, something that speaks for itself and lets people know that this is YOU! Your art cannot be everything and anything, it should be something really specific. In other words, the best way is to find a central theme to be able to capture the audience’s attention and keep it. This is one of the keys to successful Instagramming. And note that the only person who can find a niche for you is you. Only you can tell what you are good at and what motivates you the most. For some people it is street art, architecture and buildings. Others find inspiration in portraits, while a completely other group gets inspired by food photography or street fashion. Tastes differ, niches too. Thus, go get something that inspires you the most and start shooting.

2. Shoot much, post regularly

When you look at the creations of a cool Instagrammer, it seems they are all perfect. But this is not always the case. It’s because great work takes time. Usually, iPhone photography artists shoot quite a big number of photos before they post one. The idea behind this is to showcase only the great things leaving behind the mediocrity that is inevitable. Even if you are an experienced photographer. Also, make sure to make the frequency of your postings consistent. Of course, it all depends on your niche and your target audience. However, if you want to maximize engagement and get more followers, you could even post 10+ times a day. Just make sure you keep it consistent. Because if you cannot keep it that way, you might start losing followers.

3. Take the editing work seriously

An awesome iPhone photo is not simply taken, it is created. And this might require quite some time to complete. So, take your time, find a good iOS photo editing app, experiment with saturation, light, contrast, filters, shadows, sizes etc. Instagram is on top, of course, however, it does not offer high-level editing features. So, a third-party app might be needed to do the editing work. Once done, proceed to upload your iPhone photo and then add Instagram filters if needed.

4. Make your iPhone photo speak

A photo is a story itself, but you can make it more vivid with the help of a well-written caption and, of course, nicely-chosen hashtags. Great photos leave an impression. And when you combine them with powerful words, you nail it. Making your viewers emotional through the story will trigger them to follow you and make a personal connection to your work. I am not saying you should become another Hemingway. I am just saying that carefully-chosen words can make the magic happen. Let’s not forget about the hashtags too. One simple trick is to not make them too long or complex. Use shorter and easier words/phrases instead. As for the hashtags, Instagram allows using 30 hashtags per post. However, avoid using irrelevant hashtags. No need to look spammy, right? You can tag your post with some 12 hashtags only if all of them align well with your content.

5. Become part of the iPhone photography community

Such a community does exist and you can become part of it. I won’t lie if I say that you might need to work really hard to do the trick. Still, the game is worth the candle. It’s very similar to networking in real life. If you need to do more business, you need to be part of the club. The same rules work online; if you want to have relevant followers and loyal fans, you need to create a strong network. So, how to get this done? Monitor hashtags to find like-minded people. When you find a creation you like, leave a polite compliment and follow the author. Chances are high that they will check back to you soon. And if they like your work, they will follow you back. One more important thing here is to answer thoughtful comments in a thoughtful way. For example, if someone has commented on your photo in a very flattering manner, you might want to be extra-polite when it comes to thanking them. A mere “thank you” would not be enough in this case. Hence, consider being more open to longer conversations. This can help develop a really strong network.

6. Keep your iPhone photography page neat and tidy

When people land on your profile, they see your username and bio first. So, it’s a good idea to make these neat and organized. Include your email or a phone number to show your potential clients how they can contact you. Also, make sure to indicate your location/where you are based. Some people also include a link in the bio. Usually, the link leads to either their website or online portfolio or some other place where the viewers can get more information.

7. Market your iPhone photography page

Did you know that you can have an Instagram business account? You can link it to your existing Facebook page to boost conversions. If you are not only into art but also into business, then marketing your iPhone photography page is a must. You can connect several other accounts to your Instagram page like Flickr, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. This will help you create a consistent fan base across various micro-blogging and social media channels.

At the end

While dreaming about successful Instagramming might sometimes seem crazy, it’s still feasible. There are hundreds of people over there promoting iPhone photography through Instagram. And they DO succeed, so what can hinder you from getting the wins you deserve? Practically, nothing, if you take the right steps and are morally prepared to face hardships on your way. Because Insta-success might not often be an instant success and you might need to work hard on establishing the personal iPhone photography brand you have been dreaming about. Now that the right steps are here, go get your piece of Insta-fame and enjoy it to the fullest! Do not forget to share your opinions in the comments section below. Happy shooting!