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Oftentimes, we contact a graphic designer to help us in creating the simplest visual projects related to our business, hobbies, or job task only because we think we lack both the tools and proper skills. Here are our two cents on how to do at least 4 things without the help of a graphic designer from the convenience of fingertips with the help of Pixomatic iOS mobile app:

1. Add logo and/or AppStore badge on an image:

Adding a logo, a badge or any other image on another one will take you less than few seconds with Pixomatic app. Here are the simple steps to do that:

Adding Logo with Pixomatic Step-by-step guide on how to add logo and/or AppStore badge on an image with Pixomatic app.

2. Whiten any background:

Sometimes you need the photo of your product on a white background to use on your e-commerce site. What to do?

Step-by-step guide on how to whiten background of any image with Pixomatic app.

Note: You can cut out flurry items and fussy hair as well.

3. Export cutouts with transparent background:

To continue editing, it is also possible to export images with transparent background to reuse in the future or open with other apps, such as Canva. Follow these steps to export your cutouts with transparent background:

CutoutPixomatic Step-by-step guide on how to export cutouts with transparent background with Pixomatic app.

4. Create posts for your social media channels:

SocialMediaWITHPixomatic Before and after image made with Pixomatic app.

Boost your social media posts with the array of tools available in Pixomatic app. Keep in mind that Facebook is deprecating images with text, if they occupy 20% of the image. What kind of visual content have you created with Pixomatic app? Share your experience in the comments.