21 Jan 2020 | 2 MIN READ

How To Take A Flawless Selfie [10 Tips & Tricks]

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Photo-sharing social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat started the selfie craze. We want to look our best to snap Insta-worthy pictures. If you’re here, it means that you either want to learn how to take selfies or wish to learn new tips and tricks. Either way, you’ve come to the right place. Read the following tips to upgrade your selfie game and take flattering pictures.

1) Know your angles

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We all have good and bad angles. You need to know which angle shows your features in the most flattering way. You can practice in front of the mirror until you find your good side, then take several selfies until you figure out how you need to position your face. So, next time you want to take selfies, you already know how to hold your phone and how to tilt your head.

2) Smile from your eyes

A genuine smile never looks bad; it even makes other people smile! Don’t force it; think of something that makes you happy.

3) Take as many selfies as you can

This rule applies not only to selfies but to photography in general. Take as many shots as you can, that way you’ll end up with a couple of options that you like. The more you shoot, the better.

4) Don’t over-edit

Over-editing was the norm when Retrica was in its heyday; it’s not anymore. Over-editing will decrease the quality of your selfies. If you need to adjust the contrast, saturation, brightness, and so forth, go ahead – but don’t over-do it.

5) Use natural lighting

Natural lighting is the best type of lighting since it’s flattering for all complexions. Take your selfie outside or near a window if you’re indoors. The best time to take a selfie is during the golden hour, which is a period of time shortly before sunset or after sunrise. During the golden hour, shadows are less dark, which makes it a perfect time to take selfies.

6) Go for a mirror selfie from time to time

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If your outfit is cute, show it off! All you need to do is find the right pose, and you’re ready to go.

7) Avoid clichés

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If you really want to stand out on Instagram and make your feed as unique as possible, avoid cliches as much as you can. The duck face and the “candid” have to go.

8) Wear shades

Sunglasses add spice to your outfit and can even make your face look more flattering. Find a pair of shades that match the shape of your face and work your angles to eliminate reflection.

9) Be aware of your background

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Your background is part of your picture, so make sure it’s aesthetically pleasing. Your background can be a mural, a landscape, or a skyline. If you want the viewer to focus on your face, make sure there are no distracting elements behind you. To do that, you can use portrait mode while snapping the selfie or manually add depth of field. You can also get creative and match the background with your outfit, just like the image above.

10) Be extra

Use household items to create killer photos. For instance, you can use a pasta/tea strainer to create amazing shadow effects on your face. The choices are endless. Embrace your creativity to make your feed as unique as possible.