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The Pantone Color Institute? It’s a global color trend-setter! Every year they choose the top color(s) that define the year’s vibe and inspire marketers, photographers, and digital creators worldwide. The main color of 2022 is a periwinkle shade of blue with a truly charming name – Very Peri. 

Pantone's Very Peri color palette

Wanna know more about the color and how to add a splash of it to your social feeds and creative compositions? Then, you’re in the right place – dive right in.

Meet Very Peri – the biggest color of the year 2022

As the Pantone Color Institute defines the color, Very Peri is a dynamic periwinkle blue hue with a violet red undertone. With this combo, Pantone strived to mix the faithfulness and constancy of blue with the energy and excitement of red. 

Such a beautiful description! Let’s dig a little deeper.

Pantone's color 2022 – Very Peri 

Very Peri symbolizes the times we live in. As the world lives through the pandemic and emerges from an intense period of isolation, the physical and digital have merged. The new trends like metaverses and artistic communities in the digital space are vivid examples of that. 

The shade reflects this unique physical-digital blend and how color trends in the digital world are being shown in the physical world and vice versa.

A flower vase on the purple and violet background

Using Very Peri

The beauty of this color is its versatility and сomplexity. It can create a completely different atmosphere – from a soothing, comforting, and calming mood to an upbeat, futuristic, and dynamic vibe. 

Pink sneakers on the purple background

For instance, combine Very Peri with pastel and muted shades for a dreamy, soft, and tender photo. 

Two women wearing light purple sweaters on a violet background

Or try pairing it with bold and vivid colors to create a contemporary neon craze. It works in so many ways!

Fashionably dressed woman on a futuristic violet background

This shade can also be easily incorporated into your visuals as a vivid accent color. It will set just the right tone for your photo. 

 A woman wearing purple sweater and beanie

Finally, you can play with similar tones to Very Peri, and use their various blends to find a unique shade for your photograph. 

Flower on a purple gradient background

Very Peri splash with Pixomatic 

If you are in search of ideas for your social media or marketing content, here's a compilation of Very Peri-inspired designs created with Pixomatic. These designs are all about mixing gorgeous blue, violet, and red tones – and are super quick to make.

Pick your favorite variants, and try with your photos.

Shape Cut Tool

Сreate your own story template by using Pixomatic tools – for example, Shape Cut to clip out objects of various shapes, and Text.

Picture create using Pixomatic app

Artsy Template

Play with a variety of ready-to-use templates for your designs. Pick the one you like and simply add your image.

Design created with Pixomatic templates

Stories Template

If you'd like to create an Instagram story, go to the Stories Templates section to explore violet-blue templates. There are many of them!

Instagram story created with Pixomatic templates

Effect and Subtle Filters

Gentle filters can also help you add the right vibe to your photo. Browse the Filters tab and choose the filter that works best for you.  

Design created using Pixomatic effects and filters

Bokeh Effect

Violet bokeh adds a magical and very romantic aesthetic to your photography. Click on the Effects tab, and go to the Bokeh collection.

Design created using Pixomatic effects and filters

Colorize Effect

If you want to add a nice splash of color to your photo, try Colorize effect. It works in many different ways!

Design created using Pixomatic effects and filters

Neon Frame

Blue, pink and violet neon frames can make your designs look futuristic and trendy. Check them out in the Effects tab.

Design created using Pixomatic frames

Monochrome Filter

Why not spice up your image by using the Monochrome filter? Look how awesome it is!

Design created using Pixomatic monochrome filter

Very Peri is a bold, playful, magnificent, and futuristic color – and it’s really easy to adapt it to your photos. Use our editing ideas and generate your own creative content.