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Instagram is changing every day (literally!), always welcoming new visual and photo-editing trends, and content ideas. Some of them are pretty cool, and they can definitely kick off your social feed. Wanna explore what’s trending on Instagram now? Dive in.

1. Sky and Cloud Vibes

Sky and cloud motifs have gone viral. And indeed – they add that dazzling, playful vanilla aura to your photos. Thinking about adding cloud and sky visuals to your stories or feed posts? You could pick a sky background and place your object or text there, or you could cut out clouds and add them as stickers to your visual. Or try applying the cloud effect. Experiment with the trend and get cloudy!

Aesthetic image of two young Generation Z women holding a cake on a sky background

Aesthetic image of young Asian woman young on a surreal sky and cloud background

Aesthetic photo of cosmetics products on a surreal sky and cloud background

Motivational and funny quote on a sky background

2. Bold Phrases and Big Fonts

Oversized and bold text is growing on us… again! This is a huge trend now, and surely, you should try it for your social media.

Want to make your statement pop? Draw attention to your Instagram post, craft a short message, choose eye-catching lettering, and increase the text size. You'll see the difference! Both type-based and hand-written typography work equally well. 

Careful when choosing the font, though. The text should be easily read, otherwise, your message won't be understood.

Inspirational text on the picture with a big blue eye

Inspirational text on a beautiful desert landscape background

Aesthetic photo of a young woman wearing white on a white background

3. Background Gradients

Gradient backgrounds have long been the go-to option for digital and print design. They are simple but much more eye-catching than a solid color background. 

Now gradients have reached a new level – more creative and sophisticated than just "a few colors." You can see trendy holographic and glitchy gradients, vibrant and pastel gradients, chromatic, metal, and liquid gradients, and many others on the internet. Here are a few fantastic examples of such photos.

Abstract liquid gradient background

Abstract liquid metal gradient background

Aesthetic holographic gradient 

4. 3D and Surreal Design Elements

We owe this photo-editing trend to the multiverse, trying to bridge the digital and physical. 

To get that futuristic, super modern, and fabulous visual, mix the real and unreal – real photos with weird shapes, pixels, and 3D elements. The weirder, the better!

 An image of a young man with a colorful 3D shape

A bright image of surreal holographic shapes with bold text

A surreal holographic shapes on a sky background

5. Minimalistic Shopping Card Posts

This trend means a ton for businesses. It's no secret that Instagram has long been an efficient platform for attracting shoppers and advertising your business, but now it’s turning into an e-commerce channel!

Gone are the days of directing users to a website for the product or price. Now, you can showcase everything right on your business Instagram profile. 

To leverage the social platform’s shopping features, you'll definitely need appealing product photos. They should be attractive yet simple – so they don’t distract from the shopping!

a promo image for social media with bag on purple gradient background

a promo image for social media with bag on holographic gradient background

a sale promo image for social media with bag on yellow background

Hot Instagram trends can be great helpers for keeping your feed visually fresh, aesthetic, and attention-grabbing. Enjoy the tips in this article? Try these 5 photo-editing trends now to see how they'll revamp your own profile. 

Can't wait to see your cool pics!