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As we come out of the depths of wintertime, it’s time to brighten up our social media as we soak in the sunlight. If you’ve been thinking of doing a photo shoot to get a new profile photo, then you’re just in time for some inspiration. The best part is that you can do all of these photo styles in the comfort of your own home if you’re in quarantine. 

Milk Bath Wonders

Milk bath photography is one way to get a one-of-a-kind profile photo that’ll wow everyone. Fill it with flowers, leaves, fruit, or even cereal to get a beautiful color contrast with the white. You can easily do this photo shoot at home with your sink or bathtub and we have a whole tutorial to show you how to get the best results.

Just the Petals

Using whole flowers is so yesterday, just play around with the petals instead! This is a great solution if all the flowers you have at hand are starting to wither. You can create designs or just randomly scatter them across your face. 

Dusty Rose

Just a color theme is even enough to have a mesmerizing profile photo. For this season, try out a “dusty rose” color scheme where this color is dominant in the photo. You can get it from flowers, clothing, or even by adding a filter later on. The light pink color is best combined with beige or white tones. 

All the Lace

Your lace dress or scarf can be the perfect tool to get a unique profile pic. Use it against the light to cast intricate shadows on yourself. If there’s floral patterns on your lace, then you’ll still get the breath of spring flowers in your photo without using actual flowers. 


Let your natural beauty shine by taking a photo using minimal color. Just focus on capturing your skin tone and the sunlight without distracting colors in the surroundings. You’ll end up with a dewy and glowy portrait photo.


Don’t know how to style your hair for the photo? Then just as some whole flowers or petals into your hair. You can even style your eyebrows with smaller flowers. You’ll look like you stepped right out of an enchanted forest. 

Play with the Sun

You have at least one window in the house, and even that is enough to get a creative photo. Use the springtime sunlight to your advantage to try out some new poses. You can also play with the shadows of your curtains, blinds, or your hands to add dimension. 

Bold and Bright

Leave all the grey, black, and dull colors behind in winter. It’s finally time to brighten your feed with bold hues. Finding colorful objects to include in the photo is a great way to add color if you don’t have many bright clothes. You can also use Pixomatic’s Draw tool to add color to your photo in creative ways! 


If you want a simple photo but still to make it special, then experiment with sheer fabric. Anything transparent will work best since you can fully put it over yourself and your face will still be visible underneath. This will add some texture to your photo. 

Stunning Self-portrait 

Are you more of a selfie person or don’t have anyone to take your photo? You can still get creative with self-portraits. Search around for mirrors in the house with the most aesthetic view and best lighting. Depending on your pose, you can make your camera or phone not appear in the photo to create a unique composition.