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Some say technology has brought us to a point where everyone can take amazing photos, even without any skills or prior experience. Others declare the death of professional cameras. You might agree or not, but we must notice the growing role of mobile photography in our surroundings. Almost everyone in the Western world owns a smartphone and these tiny devices tend to have better and better cameras built in. This is literally all we need to potentially become photographers and capture the beautiful world through our lenses and eyes. All that said, your phone isn’t always enough. To capture real magic you might need some essential iPhone photography accessories that will help you bring your mobile photography game to a new level.

First of all, get a sturdy, high quality tripod

Tripod is probably the most basic and perhaps the most crucial of all possible iPhone photography gadgets you might want to purchase in the beautiful beginnings of your career as amazing iPhone artist. It’s actually essential for both mobile and traditional photographers. Especially if you are into stunning night shots, you like playing with long exposure or you are a selfie-addict. If you fall into any of these groups, you simply can’t go photo shooting without a stable tripod, or you will risk blurry captures. Better safe than sorry – if you want to impress everyone on social media with glorious shots, carry your tripod around with you. This essential gadget will pay back quite fast. Of course, you don’t need to take a traditional tripod on a trip with you. It’s enough to get one of the light, portable devices designed specifically for the needs of mobile photographers. You will definitely find some of these in your area. We can suggest Joby Gorilla Pods or Manfrotto Mini Tripods. Universal phone holder - JOBY

A waterproof iPhone case for outdoor photography lovers

Everyone who loves outdoor photography needs a good, sturdy, rainproof iPhone case that will allow you wander in any weather seeking the right moment to capture the most amazing photo. You have many iPhone accessories like that to choose from. You can literally find them in any color shade or pattern you like. Remember to choose a robust material, so that the gadget serves you, your iPhone and your photography masterpieces for a long time. Remember that you can shoot interesting captures in any weather conditions; you just need to be prepared and equipped with the right iPhone photography accessories. A top-notch case is all you need to take amazing iPhone photos in the rain.  If you are a real outdoor photography enthusiast you might also consider splurging on appropriate waterproof clothes and footwear. iPhone waterproof case

Afraid of losing photo opportunities? Get a portable power bank charger

As we all know iPhone photography, albeit truly awesome, has one serious disadvantage which might be especially painful if the photographer is traveling or shooting outdoors, and doesn’t have a constant access to electricity and power point. If you keep shooting photo sessions, your device’s battery goes down at a frightening rate. And there are still so many angles and perspectives you might want to try! Fortunately some iPhone photography accessories are coming to your rescue. External charger is everything you need to be able to shoot for hours. Numerous brands offer zillions of power banks at different price and capacity range. We recommend Anker’s Quick Charge 2.0 Combo. I like it, because it’s relatively light and has a practical shape that makes it fit even into a tiny purse. The new Anker PowerCore+  represent a new generation of power banks. It’s faster and more power than you could expect. Just look at the parameters. While choosing your power bank compare weight and size parameters as they seem to be crucial for iPhone photography enthusiasts. Anker Power Bank

You love iPhone photography, but you miss your DSLR at times? External lenses are your thing.

You don’t miss carrying your heavy and rather inconvenient DSLR camera, do you? But you do want all your add-on lenses back at times. I know you do. Fortunately, thanks to the iPhone photography accessories industry, you don’t have to make a choice or go back to your heavy gear. Now you can get a pair (or ten) of external lenses for your mobile device as well. They are lighter and smaller than the DSLR ones. If you choose the right ones, they will also be easy to pack and attach. This might be a true game changer for street photography lovers, portrait aficionados and extreme close-ups fans. You don’t lose opportunities while switching to iPhone photography while your camera looses weight. This is what I call a real win-win situation.

Looking for iPhone photography accessories that will let you take thousands of images? Consider a Mobile Wireless Storage Drive!

You are constantly afraid you will run out of space and you will be forced to delete some of your precious images? Don’t worry; the technology has come to your rescue. All you need is a versatile Mobile Wireless Storage Drive. While choosing the right one for you look for devices with a built in SD-card slot that enable WiFi connections. The devices offered at the market today might provide you with up 2 TB of space. That’s really a lot of pictures to take and save.  If you ask us for a recommendation, we think WD My Passport Wireless meets photographer’s needs in a great way. wd-my-passport-wireless-pro-portable-storage-product This is what is inside my camera bag these days. Don’t forget that a powerful all-in-one photo editor is absolutely crucial as well, which is why we hope you’ve already downloaded Pixomatic to play with all the iPhone photography tricks. I know the choice of amazing iPhone photography accessories might differ from photographer to photographer, especially now when the iPhone gadget market is growing at unbelievable rate. I will be happy to learn what your favorities are. Share them away in the comment sections! I’m all ears!