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Daniel Peter


My name is Daniel Peters and I'm 34. I am from Germany and am currently working as a police officer in Essen. Just a few years ago I started changing photos to create illusions and photo manipulations, to give more expression and a surreal touch to my photos. I used to create manipulations with Photoshop. Recently, I've discovered and fell in love with Pixomatic app, which makes it possible to create awesome photo manipulations on your mobile device in just a few minutes. I always experiment with all Pixomatic tools to create stunning photo art. For the surreal edits I combine two or more different images into a single one and use “Double Exposure” and “Blend” tools to get the perfect result. It can be so simple! My biggest inspiration is Martin de Pasquale. Creating photo illusions is a lot of fun and it keeps getting better and better over time. Here are some of my edits made with Pixomatic app, and you can find more on my Instagram account:

Make sure to use hashtag #Pixomatic when posting your edits on Instagram for a chance to get featured on our social media channels.