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Did you catch the doodle trend flowing through the internet? Artists like Pablo Iranzo combine photographs of objects and scenery with digital drawings to bring inanimate items alive! There are some who actually go around town gluing googly eyes on objects on the streets, known as eyebombing. But, that would take a lot more time than using an online photo editor Draw tool.

Doodling directly on photos gives you better control over your audience and liberates your creativity! Different artists have a set theme or drawing style. If you want to breathe life into objects around you, then simply use a Draw tool. Do not worry about your art skills, Pixomatic’s new Draw feature is easy to use.

Let me take you on a quick tour through the Draw tool feature. Let us take the image above as an example.

1. Open Pixomatic and click the Library Icon

2. Search and upload the photo you want to doodle on

3. Then, select the Draw tool and adjust the brush size and color as you draw

4. Give the mug a cheeky face!


Here are some ideas of existing doodle styles and themes to get you started:



Any object has a particular shape that may or may not look like a face or living creature. Your job is to give your audience a face to identify with or use an object’s form to transform it into something new. Examples will be your best friend. A bulb is only a bulb until you add a pair of wings, eyes, and a mouth to make it a firefly’s belly. Do you get the flow? Humans are communal creatures and it only takes an object to have, at least, a pair of eyes for us to identify with it. Lamps, chandeliers, and other decors are easy to find, so, snap a photo of it and use the Draw tool!

Pet Paws


Are you lucky to have a pet? If yes, take a photo of its paws (unless it is a goldfish), if not, make use of high-quality stock photos instead. Next, focus on the shape outlines. Visualize little faces and see where they would be most appropriate. If in doubt, use the fur color, paw shape, and paw position to guide you.



Some turn their photo doodles into puns, comics, and memes. Even if your drawing is made of plain stick figures, they can still have very relatable situations and expressions. Emotions can be easily shown through the eyes, even if nothing else is drawn on an object, the eyes can reveal a lot about the ‘character’ and their relations. Consider the eye size, shape, color, and position, but do not neglect the mouth!

Fine Lines


Drawing fine lines is perfect for detailed doodles or small objects. A fine line will give your doodle a sense of finesse and minimalism even if you draw a complete outline of the Mona Lisa. If the object is bulky and bold, you could balance it with a thin drawing. A brush of lines can even add a personal touch to photos of people, not just inanimate objects. Simply slide the brush size on the minimum and draw away!



Including food items is a fun project because of the variety of shapes, lines, colors, and sizes. You can use this to your advantage and let your imagination free. Fruits and veggies are a common choice because of their availability. Think of the story you want to tell, starting from the composition. For example, how many fruits will be in the frame and what is their position? Only then can you successfully doodle over the photo and create mini-scenarios.

Hidden Creatures


Another cheeky technique is to find an object that looks like some sort of creature and draw on some details to make the similarity visible. Use a Draw tool to add missing tentacles, whiskers, or ears for your audience to quickly identify the link. There is no need to overdo the doodle and cover up the entire object but add a few clues for the viewer to follow.

A doodle story

Ambitious? Why not create an entire storyline with the Draw tool? All you need is a photo of several objects, a wild imagination, and Pixomatic’s online photo editor. Of all objects, pick one item that will be the protagonist; if you’re into drama you can even have an antagonist. Try to give each item a unique reaction or facial expression which will add to the story and their character. In all but a couple of minutes, you’ve created a doodle story!


Give life to ordinary objects with our Draw tool!

The bottom line is: have fun!