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Missing the joy of the blooming season? Well, it’s almost here! To help you get into the mood, we’ve gathered some trendy color and picture ideas you can use for your social feeds. Keep scrolling for some spring photography inspiration.

Springtime Color Palette 

This spring the star colors vary from purple-ish to strong greens and creamy yellows. Guess what shade will be the biggest hit this blooming season (and this entire year) in everything from clothing, accessories, and makeup to decor and photos? Pantone's color of the year, Very Peri.

a monochrome purple image of a young man

Besides Very Peri, there are other shades that will define spring 2022. You'll see these shades a lot throughout the season, too. It’s high time to incorporate them into your photographs!


Two stunning shades are blooming this spring. The first is Kelly Green, which made a real statement last year. This season, it’ll be no less popular or relevant. 

Kelly Green is a very intense, vivid color. And it's also commonly associated with St. Patrick's Day.

a young woman holding a pink flower

If you’d like to add Kelly Green to your photographs or designs, make sure you don’t overuse it. Make it the main color pop and the star of your image. It would also go very well with lighter or darker shades of green, yellow, blue, and violet tones.

a young woman wearing green jacket

Another tone that can inspire your spring photography is Lime Green. This sunny, yellow-green shade is associated with the citrus fruit called lime. And it can bring a huge boost of energy and creativity to your images. Try this eye-catching color out, styling it with yellow and blue shades!

a young woman in bright outfit

a young woman in mint dress


If you’d like to make a big statement with your pic, try adding orange to it. Orange is positive and playful – a great statement for spring photography.

a young woman posing over orange background

a young fashionable woman posing over orange background


Yellow is an enthusiastic, joyful, and uplifting color, and it’s a definite “yes” this year. Play around with various shades of yellow in your photographs – from the very saturated to creamy pastel hues. 

a young man posing over orange background

a young woman holding yellow flowers

Petal pink

Blooming flowers have been a great inspiration for trend setters. Delicate sakura-like pink is a go-to shade now. This calming tone is associated with femininity, tenderness, and romance. 

a young woman in a bold pink outfit

You can pink up your image using pink “Colorize” effects, or simply add a petal-pink overlay on your photo.

Spring photo ideas

Now let’s take a look at the ideas, photo-editing styles, and hacks that will help you get in the springtime mood and shine.

Appreciate outdoor and nature photography

Nature has been an inspiration to photographers for many years – and will continue to be.

The blooming season is full of moments worth capturing on camera. Birds singing in the park, cherry blossoms, bright green grass, and April showers – all sound like marvelous photos!

a young woman posing near cherry blossom trees

Nature and outdoor photography don’t need intense color correction, bold filters, or effects. Subtle editing can magnify the beauty of the original photo. Try Bokeh, Light Leaks, or Colorize effects. Play around with Weather effects to change or intensify the weather on your images, or Blur to add more focus and depth to your main object(s).

family in the park

Capture “Golden hour” moments

You probably know that the golden hour refers to the first hour after sunrise and the last hour before sunset. It's a time when the natural light is warm, soft, and very charming – perfect for photographers, right?

a young woman posing over the sunset

The golden hour is especially magnificent in mid and late spring when the daytime is already long enough. So, don’t miss your opportunity to take stunning pics!

a young woman posing over in the field

Get creative with flowers

Flowers are perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about spring. And there are so many ways of incorporating floral themes into your photos. 

a young woman posing over the flowers

You may go to a garden, park, or local flower market to take a few vivid shots, including macro photographs. Or, you may use flowers for creating a very out-of-the-box look or artistic composition.

a young man with his face flower-covered on his beard

a young woman with flowers on her face

Embrace pastel

What’s a better fit for the early spring than pastel edits? Creamy yellow, lime green, light mint, or cherry blossom pink tones will add that special feeling of blooming tenderness and beauty to your photographs.

a young woman with bright glitter stickers on her face

To achieve that effect, you can also try Pixomatic’s “Colorize” effects and adjust the opacity to match your image.

a young woman being cozy in her home

Experiment with vibrant colors

Isn’t it the very opposite of what we've mentioned above? That’s what spring is about. We see how nature “wakes up” and brings color to life – starting with the tender shades of new leaves and flowers, then turning bold, and very bright. 

Vibrant tones bring plenty of energy, optimism, and enthusiasm, which is especially important after a gloomy winter season. So, why not make your photos pop with color?

a young woman posing over purple background

It’s easy to snap vivid colors – they are in nature, the cityscape, and even in our wardrobes and make-up. Just notice it, and take a picture!

a young woman with trendy pastel lime brows

If you need an extra touch, open the “Adjust” tab, and play with the settings – Contrast, Brightness, Saturation, and so on.


Spring marks new beginnings and fuels positivity. Why not refresh your photography routine and try something new – new editing methods, new styles? Hope our spring photoshoot ideas inspired you to take awesome shots and capture the beauty of the season.

Can’t wait to see your spring pics!