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Summer is almost over, and the school season just started! Back to school ads are everywhere, and students are preparing for the new academic year. It’s exciting for some, but not so much for others. To make the beginning of the academic year more pleasant, we gathered videos that will help you get prepared for what’s coming. From cool supplies to easy hairstyles, this article brings to you the best videos you need to watch to be ready for school! 

Fashion: 30 Back To School Outfits To Help You Survive The School Year


If you have to wear a uniform, you have it easy! However, if your school lets you wear regular clothes, you might find yourself staring at your closet for 30 minutes every day because you don’t know what to wear. YouTuber Ashley shares 30 casual and dress code appropriate outfits that you can follow or recreate if you want to look put together. Even if you don’t go to school, you can still watch this video and learn a thing or two about styling outfits!

Hair: 10 Easy Heatless Back To School Hairstyles!


Say goodbye to bad hair days! In this video, Roxxsaurus shows you how to create ten easy hairstyles to look glammed up! These styles take less than five minutes to do and do not require you to use a hair straightener. 

DIYs: Back To School DIYs 2019! DIY Notebooks, Dorm Decor & Supplies!


LaurDIY is a famous YouTuber known for creating the most amazing craft videos. In this video, she shows you how to create the cutest DIYs from notebooks to backpacks. If you’re a college student, you still can watch this video because she also teaches you how to create beautiful pillows for your dorm room. 

Supplies: Must-Have Back To School Supplies Haul 2019!


If you’re wondering what you need to get for the new school year, look no further. In her video, Natalie shows all the amazing supplies you need from calligraphy books to neon-colored pencils. These are also great gift ideas for those who are going to school for the first time! Add colors to their first day of school by gifting them cool supplies!

Food: Back-To-School Lunch Prep Hacks


The key to having a healthy day is to eat a balanced lunch. Tasty prepared a video that teaches you how to make delicious lunches effortlessly. So, instead of buying lunch from the cafeteria, try following the video and prepare your own meals the night before; it won’t take much of your time, and you’ll have fun while doing it!

Who said going back to school can’t be fun and colorful? We hope these videos will help you get prepared well for the new school year! Did you know? Pixomatic has a special subscription offer for educators! If you want to learn more, get in touch with us at [email protected]