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It’s a stressful and scary time for millions of people across the world. Even those who aren’t infected with the virus are quarantining themselves at home to avoid possible exposure to it. You can easily become bored all day at home wondering what to do. So turn off the news channel or stop searching for your symptoms online and let’s find something else to entertain yourself with.

Spring Cleaning

Yes, you heard me, start cleaning around the house. Why not kill two birds with one stone? You won’t be bored and you’ll sanitize your surroundings at the same time. It will make you feel less conscious about germs around the house. You can even rearrange the furniture in some rooms for a fresh change as well. 

Start a New TV Series

Already binge-watched everything you loved? Then try out a new show (or even movie). Deep dive through all the categories of shows you ignored before and start watching the trailers. The hardest part is the beginning, then you’ll surprisingly end up loving a show before you know it. The Witcher, Money Heist, and the latest season of Stranger Things are Netflix’s top trending shows now, so give them a try. 

Clean Out Your Phone

Often times we’re too busy taking selfies, saving memes, or taking endless photos of our school notes that they start piling up. Before you know it, you have thousands of photos and applications saved on your digital devices. Take some time to clean out anything that you really don’t need to stop cluttering your device’s memory. 

Stress-free Digital Art

It’s not surprising that a lot of people are going to spend time on their phones anyway. Instead of just endlessly scrolling on social media, do some doodling instead. Don’t forget about Pixomatic’s Draw tool for a satisfying doodling experience. 

Finish That Book

You definitely have a book (or two) that’s been sitting on the bookshelf for a while. Give your eyes a break if you’ve been spending too much time in front of a screen lately. If you’ve finished everything at hand, take a look at the most anticipated books to read for 2020. Among the list are: "A Long Petal of the Sea" by Isabel Allende, "Real Life" by Brandon Taylor, and "Such a Fun Age" by Kiley Reid. 

Online Shopping

The chances of the virus reaching you through product delivery are very slim. If you’re still worried, you can sanitize the product once it reaches you to be safe. Either way, this is a great way to spend your time. Can’t think of anything you need to buy? Just scroll through the front pages of Amazon or Aliexpress and it’ll surely spark some ideas.

Do a Home Workout

Photo Credit: The Atlantic

You don’t have to be outside or at the gym to be in your best physical shape. In fact, teachers around China started live streaming their workout sessions for everyone who couldn’t make it to the sessions. It’s the perfect time to research a few new home exercises you can do. 

Keep on Socializing 

Don’t let yourself feel alone. Spend some quality time with your family and roommates even if it is just a simple conversation. Pull out some of your favorite board games and have a game night. Or do video chat with your friends and have a laugh. 

Online Courses

Take this time to pick up a new skill. It can be related to your career or job, a new language, a new craft, hobby, and just about anything else. The best part is that you can find many free online courses to start off before you see if you want to seriously learn. If you want to pick up a new language, try out Babbel and Duolingo for easy and quick learning. You can find a broader range of courses and fields on Coursera or Udemy where there are thousands of options. 

Do Some Writing

Everything that’s going on is straight out of a science fiction novel. Take this experience to channel your worries and frustrations into text. If you don’t have a passion for writing as much, you can also write in your diary or blog entry. Don’t know how to start off? Here are a few openers you can try out: