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I am the proud sister of a fantastic dog, so I get it if you want to learn dog photography tricks to organize a photoshoot for your furry best friend. A dog’s love is indescribable, and creating professional portraits of their adorable faces is the least we can do. 

I attempted to take pictures of my dog for my photography class last year, and they were quite good, but I wish I knew some tips and tricks beforehand. You can use any photography device, whether it’s a smartphone or a digital camera. The real challenge is to get your dog to cooperate with you.

To make your job easier, I compiled a list of useful dog photography tips you need to know to create better portraits of your fluffy friend. 

1. Choose your photography device wisely

dog at the beach
You need a fast shutter speed to create a similar picture.
Photo by Oscar Sutton on Unsplash

A digital camera would give you better results. If you want to take a picture of your dog running in your backyard, you will need a fast shutter speed to get a still image. So, a digital camera being the ideal device makes a lot of sense.

However, in my case, it wasn’t. My dog was afraid of the camera the entire session, and he wouldn’t stop barking at it. So here’s a piece of advice: get your dog to get familiar with the camera before the photoshoot. If they’re still afraid, you might need to use a smartphone.

You can get stellar pictures with a smartphone! Most of the new models have a built-in portrait option to blur the background. If your phone does not have that option, use this blur tool to narrow down the depth of field and make your pup’s face the center of attention!

Oh, and turn off the flash. Dogs are not the biggest fans of bright lights.

2. Grab their attention

dog photography

Not all dogs are disciplined, and even the most trained dogs can get bored during a photoshoot. To keep your dog entertained, hold their favorite toy above the camera. This dog photography technique will keep them still and ensure that they are looking directly at the lens!

I used a piece of cheese, and that worked pretty well! Using their favorite toy or treat will also make them smile, and that’s the effect that you want to go for. 

3. Shoot where they feel comfortable

dog photography

If you’re a dog owner, you most probably know that dogs need time to adjust to a new environment. As a tip, conduct the photoshoot in a place they’re familiar with like your backyard, living room, or their favorite park! This will ensure that they look comfortable and happy in the pictures!

4. Get down to their level

dog in forest

We are used to seeing dogs from above, so show the world how a dog looks like up close. Kneel or lie down if that means getting the perfect picture. You will get your clothes dirty, especially if you’re shooting in a public area, so wear pants and comfy shoes to keep your legs and feet safe from scratches.

5. Take as many pictures as you can

dog photography
Photo by Darinka Kievskaya on Unsplash

And when I say many, I mean MANY! This is one of the most important dog photography tips. Your dog will suddenly decide to scratch their back or chase their tail. So, the more pictures you have, the higher your chances of getting good quality images.

6. Don’t hesitate to ask for help

dog photography

Organizing a photoshoot for your pet is not a piece of cake. It’s fun, but it’s not simple. Ask for a person who is familiar with your dog to help you during the photoshoot by guiding their attention towards the camera. 

7. Be patient

dog and tennis ball
Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

Dog photography requires patience. Your dog won’t understand what’s going on, so you need to be patient with them. They might ask you for a belly rub, or play fetch with them. Stay calm and go with the flow. You don’t want them to associate the camera with discomfort. At the end of the day, your dog should be relaxed and happy, and so should you.

8. Capture memories


The best pictures I have of my dog is when he's acting silly. Sure, capture good pictures of your best friend, but do not hesitate to take photos of them being cute and goofing around! Capture moments you cherish the most!

Taking pictures of your dog might be a bit challenging, but it surely is a rewarding and fun experience. Let the world see how cute your pup is!