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Life goes by in such a crazy rush that we want to stop and just capture the moment with our loved ones. Some families take family photos as an annual tradition, but it can be hard to think of original ideas every time. Instead of just dressing up in your best clothes for the portrait, let’s look at some more fun and unique family photo shoot ideas instead. 

Famous Cosplay



Obsessed with a TV show or movie lately? We all know how that feels. Channel that obsession into a family photo shoot. This is the easiest to do when the kids are young and they won’t even remember what wild costume you put them in. It’s okay for the parents to have some of the fun too. This is a perfect family photo idea especially near Halloween time. 

Large Family Photo Ideas

Kallie Photogtaphy

If you’ve only tried photos with your immediate family, try branching out this time around. Ask your grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and anyone else in your extended family you feel close with. You’ll definitely be glad that you captured the moment with everyone. 

Foodie Family


You can get a unique family photo without needing a lot of props or decorations. Take a separate picture of everyone near a wall and then let your creativity roam to add objects in front of each family member. Making clothes out of your family’s favorite food is one option you can start with. 

All Tied Up


Have wild kids that won’t sit still? You can showcase that dynamic perfectly with this fun family photo idea. It’ll also end up being a mini family activity so bringing out the camera, tape, and a photo editor is all you need to recreate a photo in this style. 

Imperfect Perfection


Having a family is never just hugs and smiles. It’s often messy, tiring, and far from perfect. That’s why family photos that showcase the reality of parenthood and family life are a big hit now. You can recreate funny scenarios that occur often or even just ask a photographer to capture the moments as they happen if you don’t feel like staging the photo shoot. 

Small Family Portrait


Family doesn’t always mean a lot of people. This clothing line hanging photo shoot idea is perfect for single parents. You can easily recreate this by taking a photo of the baby laid down then using an online photo editor to edit the baby onto the clothes hanger. This is so that no babies are harmed in the process of the photo shoot. 

Let Them Decide

Recently, Buzzfeed producer Hannah Williams let her children decide how they would take a family photo to announce her latest pregnancy. And it turned out 100% unique to say the least! If you have kids who can already talk, this is a fun way to let them plan all the details according to their personal style and taste. 

All the Colors of the Rainbow

Wild Whim Photography

A family photo shoot doesn’t just need to be sitting in front of a camera since most kids get bored easily. Make it into an activity to entertain everyone as you get the photos. Involving spray paint or paint balls is a great way to add color to the images. 

Generations of Love

A frame-in-frame photo shoot is another unique family photo idea you can do to showcase the passing generations. While it seems like an optical illusion, it's actually really simple to do. Just take a photo of every family member holding the frame and afterwards you edit them together with a photo editor. Pixomatic actually did a tutorial of this edit for Christmas to show how quick and easy it was. 

Floor Photo shoot

kids play shoes
Jan Von Holleben

You can create whole new worlds right there on your living room floor. A floor lay photo shoot is a great way to get funny creative pictures without needing to leave the house. Since you have to lie down on the floor for the photos, you can pretend that you’re flying, surfing, or standing upside down. You basically have a clean canvas to work on!