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Believe it or not, you can use everyday household items to create killer photos. Photography accessories can be costly, especially when it comes to lenses. Why not get creative a little bit and use random objects? Photography is art, so there are no limits to what you use to create your photos. We created a list that combines creative photography hacks you need to use to create killer photos!

1. Use a pasta/tea strainer for killer shadow effects

Who knew that a kitchen utensil also doubles as an amazing photography accessory? Make sure that there’s plenty of light hitting your subject or object - you can place them in front of a window. Then, place the tea/pasta strainer between the camera lens and your subject. Now, you can add a nice shadow pattern that adds an artsy feel to your composition.

2. Use a plastic bag to create a soft-focus lens effect

Via | Free People

Camera lenses could cost you an arm and a leg. Instead of buying a soft-focus lens, rub some vaseline on a clear plastic bag, and place it in front of the lens. Then, shoot! This hack will allow you to get the soft-focus lens effect!

3. Create steam with a steam iron

Via | Nicolesy Blog

A good food photograph makes the viewer drool. It’s not easy to communicate a burger’s deliciousness through photos. To make things easier and to improve your food photography skills, use an iron to produce steam, and place it under the item. Voilà! The food looks fresh out of the oven!

4. Turn your colored pair of sunglasses into a filter

Via | Hit Case

If you have a pair of colored sunglasses lying around your house, don’t hesitate to use them as a filter! Place them in front of your camera lens, and snap the photo! It's better than using Instagram filters that everyone uses!

5. Use a cardboard paper to make a backdrop

Via | A Better Lemonade Stand

Product photography can get expensive: you need a backdrop, ring light, tripod, among many other items. The good news is that you can make a backdrop by using a simple white cardboard paper or a background paper roll that you can find at your local supply store. The trick is to sweep it from the top to the bottom to create a curve.

6. Create a rainbow using the good old CD

That's one of my favorite photography hacks! You might not use CDs or DVDs that much anymore, but they can surely get in handy! Make sure your subject is facing the sunlight, then hold the CD between them at the camera. Use this effect to highlight your subject's flattering facial features such as a sharp jawline. Although there are rainbow filters, the effect that the CD creates is more natural and beautiful.

7. Turn the world upside down with a crystal ball

Crystal ball photography is a photography niche that allows you to create compelling images. When light goes through an object of denser mass, it refracts.

8. Create a heart-shaped bokeh lens filter

Via | Ipnoze

Bokeh is a popular effect in photography. It consists of blurring the out-of-focus part of an image. To achieve this effect, use a large aperture to increase the shutter speed. To make your images more interesting, you can DIY a heart-shaped lens! All you need is a paper, a pair of scissors, and tape.

Lay your lens on a black paper, draw a circle around it, and cut the circle. Next, fold the disk in half, and cut half a heart in the middle of the disk, just like you did when you were a kid! Now tape the disk at the end of your lens, and shoot!

These photography hacks will upgrade your photography game. You can try them on your camera or smartphone!