15 Nov 2019 | 4 MIN READ

10 Life-Saving Thanksgiving Tips and Hacks!


Thanksgiving is just around the corner! It’s an exciting time of the year that allows us to reflect on our blessings and brings us together. If you’re hosting the Thanksgiving dinner, you’re probably also stressed since you want the event to be unforgettable. We gathered ten hacks and tips you need to know to host a perfect Thanksgiving dinner!

1) Make breakfast in advance

Two words: meal prep. Thanksgiving Day is stressful, especially if you’re hosting the dinner. Prepare breakfast the night before so that you do not waste time in the morning. Make the sandwiches at night and place them in the fridge. To keep them fresh, use dry fillings to avoid making the sandwich foggy. Separate the condiments from the bread by placing them at the center of the sandwich. If you’re not into sandwiches, prepare breakfast meals such as oatmeal bowls.

2) Set out snack platters for the guests

Your guests will likely show up hungry. If they came straight to the airport, they would also be tired. In order to provide comfort to your guests, set out snack platters in the living room while they wait for dinner. The platters can contain cheese, cold cuts, vegetables, and pretzels. Don’t overdo it because you do not want them to be full before dinner. Also, make sure there are drinks such as water and sodas nearby. Setting snack platters and drinks in the living room will not only entertain the guests while they wait, but it will also keep them out of the kitchen. Thanksgiving preparation is always crazy, and you want your kitchen to be as calm as possible.

3) Create a kid’s corner

Keep the kids entertained with a kids’ corner. If many kids are coming over to your dinner, you want to keep them in one place to keep an eye on them. Set up a kiddy table filled with coloring books and pencils. Better yet, prepare activities and ask someone to supervise them and play with them in advance. That way, the kids will have fun and stay out of the kitchen.

4) Clean the potatoes in the dishwasher

Yes, you can scrub your potatoes by using a dishwasher. First, place your potatoes on the racks and set the dishwasher on a rinse-only cycle. Do not use hot water, detergent, or soap. After washing the potatoes, dry them with a rag. Voila, you just saved yourself time and energy!

5) Boil the potatoes to skin

The easiest way to peel potatoes is to boil them under they become tender. Next, rinse them with cold water and slip off the peels!

6) Chop the vegetables before the big day

Chop your veggies in advance to lighten your schedule on the big day as much as possible. Float the veggies in a bowl of water and place them in the refrigerator. Use them when it’s time to cook.

7) Freeze your pies

You do not have to make everything on Thanksgiving Day. Prepare your pies days in advance and put them in the freezer, and bake them before dinner. If you’re making cookies, you can easily bake them a few days in advance. Work smart, not hard.

8) Do not refuse help

If someone offers to help you in the kitchen, do not say no unless they don’t know what they’re doing. If you like to do everything on your own, let someone help you with basic tasks like washing the dishes, or making coffee for the guests.

9) Take a break

Do not overwork. Taking a break allows you to gain energy to be more productive. Drink coffee, listen to music, or use social media to relax! You want to be energetic while having dinner, not sleepy!

10) Make reservations if necessary

Thanksgiving is all about feeling the warmth of the holiday season in the comfort of your home, but it can be overwhelming sometimes. If you just had a newborn, or your house is under renovation, make a reservation. Sure, you won’t feel the holiday spirit like you would feel at home, but the gathering is what counts.

Follow these tips for a more relaxing Thanksgiving preparation! Relax, you’ll be fine!