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Tired of posting photos similar to each other all the time? Others are too, believe me. Adding your personal touch to photos doesn’t require fancy equipment or too much imagination. With so many social media platforms and online apps offering drawing tools, it’s a great idea to get the most out of it. Here are a few styles and ideas for you to add your personal touch to photos that won’t take up more than a few minutes.

Travel Trail

We’re always tempted to share a photo when we’re traveling but sometimes the photo itself doesn’t say much. Add your starting point and destination to your photo to give a little more insight into your trip. You can play around with how you draw the trail line, fonts, and add any emojis or stickers along with it.

All it Takes is an Outline

Thin, thick, colorful, or neutral, outlines are a quick addition to any photo. You can outline portraits or even other items and it will still end up looking unique. Thinner lines help add a minimalistic touch to photos while thick and colorful lines are more playful. 

Multiple Lines, Multiple Colors

You don’t have to limit yourself to just one outline. Add two, three, or ten more and make them all different colors. Customize it even further by using text or different line designs for each one.

The Swirl

The swirl is an easy method to spice up images that seem too flat. Swirl it around your ice-cream cone or wrap the lines around yourself to add depth. To create this, just remember how you drew Saturn’s rings as a child and recreate those same semi-circles around yourself. 

Make it Funny


Use the power of lines to add creative humor to your photos. Turn buildings into milk cartons or add on funny wings, horns, and other accessories to people. You'll end up with something much more unique than any sticker or filter. This may require a bit more imagination and effort, but the end result will definitely amaze your followers.


Use clean and straight lines to create geometric shapes on your photo. You can end up with abstract outlines like with the ballerina image or even use the lines to add objects to the image. This may be difficult to do manually unless you have a steady hand, so maybe consider using an electronic pen or drawing tablet for this creation.

Dotted Lines

Straight lines are not all you have at hand. Dotted lines can be used for outlines or additional touches as well. You can even mix and match with longer and shorter lines to get different patterns each time. This is another way playful touch to your photos that are missing a little excitement. 

Accent Pieces



You don’t need anything too fancy to make it unique. Just adding a few details can be the missing touch your photos need. Give your warm drink some hand-drawn steam or even some “tap” to your shoes. 

Frame Your Photos

Sketch a few lines that frame the outer edges of your photo. It can either be just the outer corners or the whole image. 

Facial Features

If you’re a fan of minimalism in art, then you’ll surely like this next one. Draw thin lines that outline certain features of your photos. You can adjust them slightly away from the model instead of drawing directly on the face if you prefer. The contrast of the simple lines on your photo will give an artistic edge to the image.

Go Bolder

Why just thin? Be bold and go with thicker lines! You’d be surprised by how creatively you can use the thicker brushes you’ve been avoiding.

There are endless combinations and creations you can create with lines by just letting your imagination run loose. This is just the tip of the ice berg that we offered to spark some inspiration. Try out any of these styles on your social media posts, stories, and videos to put your personal touch on any photo. And you get to enjoy the relaxing process of drawing and painting along with it.