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Photo retouching is your ticket to improving a photo without having to make a second shot.

Pixomatic photo editor provides numerous tools to make the photo retouching process quick and easy. The application is equipped to make a wide range of edits be it tooth whitening or blemish removal. Some of the features include Clone Stamp, Magic Brush, Patch, and Face retouch. Editing a photograph will be a matter of minutes. All you need to do is select a tool, highlight the target area, and adjust the brush parameters. For detailed guidance visit our tutorial page where you will walk through each step and make the best of Pixomatic.

The only limit is your imagination!

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Patch an illusion

Adding a touch of creativity, visual balance and symmetry to a photo is achievable with the patch tool. The feature is essentially a merge between the Clone Stamp and Magic Brush tools but with enhanced tone adjustment. It fulfills two functions, replacing areas with other parts of the photo and limitlessly replicating items. Patching does not require a concrete point of reference and allows seamless object integration. Removing, replacing, and replicating items to restructure a photo could not get any easier.

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How do you patch?

Start by selecting the image you want to edit in Pixomatic online photo editor. After, click on the Patch tool in the left panel. To replace an area with a chosen spot of the photo:

1. Make sure to choose the Heal option in the toggle on the left-hand side.

2. Then, adjust the brush size with the slider and highlight the area you want to change.

3. To move the highlighted area, tap on Move and click and drag the highlight until another part of the photo is in its place.

To replicate an area from the photo:

1. Select the Clone option by clicking the toggle in the left panel.

2. Adjust the size of the brush with the slider and highlight the patch you want to replicate.

3. To reposition the cloned area, tap Move at the top panel, click the highlight and drag it to a new place.


The Patch feature is a life saver when your photo is not OCD friendly and you simply must add symmetry to the shapes in the shot. Another use is creating innovative and even futuristic edits to stand out from the crowd. The flexibility of the tool allows you to replicate an item, reposition each clone according to your taste, and remove any trace of the original.

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