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Magic Brush

Photo retouching is your ticket to improving a photo without having to make a second shot.

Pixomatic photo editor provides numerous tools to make the photo retouching process quick and easy. The application is equipped to make a wide range of edits be it tooth whitening or blemish removal. Some of the features include Clone Stamp, Magic Brush, Patch, and Face retouch. Editing a photograph will be a matter of minutes. All you need to do is select a tool, highlight the target area, and adjust the brush parameters. For detailed guidance visit our tutorial page where you will walk through each step and make the best of Pixomatic.

The only limit is your imagination!

Two women looking at security cameras

Make objects disappear with Magic Brush

The Magic Brush is a part of the Heal feature pack. It allows you to remove any object or area you do not want in the shot. It is, sadly, rare to find a solitary spot in a tourist location, or a trash-free beach. With Magic Brush, all you need is a swipe to add visual balance, clarity, and make a scene aesthetically pleasing by removing unwanted objects from the photo.

Woman in sundress facing wall

Here are the steps!

1. To start, open Pixomatic online photo editor and choose the image that needs retouching.

2. Select the Heal feature in the left panel and then tap on the Magic Brush tool.

3. Next, adjust the brush size by sliding the bar on the left and highlight the object you want to disappear.

Voilà! You can now compete with your tooth fairy.


The Magic Brush is tuned to tracelessly remove items in a highlighted area not replicate a segment from a different part of the photo. The tool is mainly effective for areas with a single texture behind the plastic bag or person you want to erase. The reason for this is because the masking is based on the pixels surrounding your highlight. To make the effect look natural you can use a smaller brush size and repeat the process a couple times.

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