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Face Retouch

Face Retouch

One of the common needs for photo editing is face retouch. Pixomatic provides specialized portrait editing tools that can enhance a person’s skin quality in a giffy. The features can make a two-minute selfie seem like a professionally taken photograph with adequate lighting. Some of the skin-improving tools are Blemish, Smooth Skin, and Glow. Other tools work to make you look fresh with bright eyes and a Hollywood smile. To view a detailed guide on the use of these features, please visit our video tutorial.

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Blemish touch up

Naturally, skin tends to have variations in tone and texture. While it is just another part of reality and relatable for people around the globe, clear skin is preferable for most. The Blemish tool effectively removes any skin impurities with just a tap.

Here’s how it’s done!

1. Open the photo you want edited on Pixomatic online editor.

2. Click the Face feature pack on the left panel and choose the Blemish tool.

3. After, adjust the brush radius depending on the size of the acne or spots you want to remove.

4. The brush works with dotted application. Simply click on the areas you want to be replaced with the pixels around it.

Skin smoothing

You may have noticed that clear skin does not always resemble images in advertisements and magazines. Pixomatic’s Smooth tool can make skin texture and pores less visible. The feature adds a slight blur to smudge the skin tone and make the appearance of a silky surface with no bumps and creases.

What are the steps?

1. Choose the portrait you want to retouch.

2. Select the Face feature pack in the left panel and click the Smooth Skin tool.

3. Then, change the brush size and intensity with the sliders on the left for accurate retouch.

4. The last step is to click and drag the cursor over areas you want to smoothen.


Pixomatic has two different whitening tools, specially adjusted for eyes and teeth. The difference between them is the pre-programmed tone of the lightening effect. The Whiten tool is optimal for teeth as it does not make the smile seem unnatural. The brush edges are more smooth and the tint is milky. The Eye Whiten tool has a brighter effect and leaves an impression of freshness even if the photo was taken at 3am.

Smiling guy leaning on wall

Steps to a brilliant smile

1. Open the photo you will be retouching.

2. Select the Face feature pack in the left panel and choose the Whiten or Eye Whiten tool depending on the need.

3. You can then adjust the brush radius and intensity to work with small details. For eye whitening, it is advisable to lighten just the whites of the eye as it may affect the eye color.

There you have it!

Add a healthy glow

The Glow tool can make a fresh effect for photos shot in a dim lit setting or if the person has visibly dry skin. Professional lighting equipment are not easy to come by and restrict spontaneity. The glow effect can give the photo more dimension and even create a clearer face contour. For those unconfident in their makeup or photography techniques, the Glow feature is a quick solution.

What are the steps?

1. Select a photo you want to retouch or continue an existing session on Pixomatic online editor.

2. Open the Face feature pack in the left panel and choose Glow.

3. Use the sliders on the left to alter the size and intensity of the glow which is useful when retouching different parts of the face.

4. Finally, click and drag on the areas you want to lighten.

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