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Clone Stamp

What is a Clone Stamp?

Undesirable objects in the background and accidental photobombing is encountered every step of the way. With the clone stamp feature you can swiftly duplicate, replace, or remove selected areas of an image.

So, how does it work?

1. Begin by opening Pixomatic online photo editor in Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. Select the photo you want to retouch from your photo gallery.

2. Tap on the Clone Stamp tool in the left panel. Adjust the size and intensity of the brush using the sliders in the left panel.

3. Choose the segment that matches the area you wish to replace or replicate. Click the segment to make a point of reference for the cloned area.

4. Place the cursor on the area where you want the cloned pixels to be transferred.

Ocean surf, surfing with a kidOcean surf, surfing with a kid


Typical uses for Clone Stamp are covering an unsightly crack in a wall behind you or add more trees to make a rural scene. The tool is especially effective when dealing with areas of multiple colors or textures. It is also advisable to use Clone Stamp when the point of reference is similar to the area you wish to cover up, or else the clones pixels will not blend naturally. To make different textures or colors merge smoothly, you can use soft strokes and reduce the brush strength. Feel free to experiment!

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