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Photo retouching is necessary when you want to enhance an image instead of taking another shot.

Pixomatic online photo editor makes photo retouching easier than ever before. The retouching tools include Face, Heal, Clone Stamp, and Patch. These tools help you achieve a range of things such as removing blemishes, whitening teeth, hiding power lines, and much more. All you need to do is click on the tool, select the target area, and set the size and the intensity of the brush. To fully understand how to use these tools, visit the tutorials page. We will walk you through all the steps to help you make the best of Pixomatic.

What does the clone stamp do?

The clone stamp allows you to duplicate part of an image. The process involves setting a sampling point in the picture, which will be used as a reference to create a new cloned area. You can use the clone stamp to remove, replace, or duplicate an item in an image.

Check out how the clone stamp works

Clone Stamp tool, remove unwanted objects from the background, a little girl on the beach

Here’ s how it’ s done!

1. Open Pixomatic online photo editor on Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. Select the photo that needs to be retouched from the integrated stock photo libraries, Bing, or your personal photo gallery.

2. Tap on Clone Stamp in the left panel. Adjust the size and the intensity of the brush by dragging the slider to the left or the right.

3. Next, choose the target area that best matches the area you want to retouch. Now, position the brush over the item you want to clone. Now, click to define the reference, which will be used to create a new cloned area. Note that the strokes need to be soft enough so that the borders of the cloned item blend naturally with its surroundings.

4. Position the cursor over the area where you want to paint the cloned pixels and then start painting.

Voilà! That was easy, right?

Ocean surf, surfing with a kidOcean surf, surfing with a kid

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