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Clone stamp tool, Pixomatic screenshot, cloning an air balloon

A great quality photo gets noticed immediately. Whether you’re looking to promote your business, highlight a particular theme or simply just improve your appearance, photo retouching can provide realistic changes to the composition of your image.

There’s nothing more frustrating than capturing the perfect shot(or so you thought) only to notice later an unwanted detail that messes everything up. Where developers shout "a bug", photographers scream "an unwanted object" believing their whole photo composition is ruined! Or is it?

To eliminate unexpected flaws from your otherwise flawless image, photo retouching can be invaluable. The Pixomatic photo editor is on a mission to make simple photo retouching accessible to everyone. Thanks to the hassle - free Pixomatic Photo Retouch tool, you save on precious time and money. From now on you won’ t need to find a graphic designer or call that tech savvy friend to clean up your photo wrecks. Pixomatic Clone Stamp tool will have you expertly retouching your photos in less than 5 minutes.

We offer three levels of control— brush size, brush strength and target area— to accomplish all your photo retouch jobs. The best part, this feature is absolutely free!

Let’s illustrate how our Clone Stamp tool works using a visual aid

Clone Stamp tool, remove unwanted objects from the background, a little girl on the beach

So what does the Clone Stamp tool do?

In a nutshell, this tool is used to duplicate one area of an image onto a different part of the image. You can use the Clone Stamp tool for removing, replacing or duplicating an item in an image.

Here’ s how it’ s done:

1. Open Pixomatic photo editor on Chrome, Firefox or Opera.Load the photo that needs retouching

2. Select brush strength and size. For brush strength the recommended size is usually 60. The stroke needs to be soft enough so that the borders of the changed zone blend naturally with the original colors

3. Next, choose the target area that best matches the zone you want to retouch. Basically, you want to select an area that will be the best match to cover the object you want to remove. Now that you have your target area selected, start brushing the problematic area. Few swipes and voila, your perfect photo is ready

Ocean surf, surfing with a kidOcean surf, surfing with a kid

Pixomatic transforms good photos into GREAT

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