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Background Eraser

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Remove image background

Pixomatic’s background eraser allows you to set a transparent background or to change the background altogether. All you need to do is select the cut tool, outline the item that you want to keep, and click on the green circle at the top right corner! To learn more about how to use the cut tool watch out our remove background tutorial.

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Cut out hair effortlessly

Cutting out hair can be complicated, especially if it's wavy or curly. Pixomatic's advanced hair tool was specially designed to help you cut out hair flawlessly. Create a cutout of the subject, select the hair tool, and brush over the parts that are missing from the cutout.

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Set a different background image

You might want to change the image background to create a killer social media post or YouTube thumbnail. You can choose a new background image from the integrated stock photo libraries or your photo gallery. Pixomatic gives you access to an enormous collection of free stock photos through Pixabay and Unsplash. The best part is that you do not have to leave the photo editor! Pixomatic makes every second of your day count!

Background eraser with multiple backgrounds and transparency

Fill the background with a solid color

Say goodbye to green screens and lightboxes! Passport photos and product photography require backgrounds with a solid color. Pixomatic's background eraser allows you to separate the subject and object from the background and replace it with the color of your preference. Using this tool is a piece of cake!

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