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Background Eraser

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Great pic of you but the background sucks?

Edit a bad background(ugly building / supermarket) to put yourself in locations you’ve always dreamed of — the Eiffel Tower or the Taj Mahal perhaps ?

Whether you need to change the background of a photo to transparent or get an entirely new background for your pic, our Background Eraser tool will make light work of this task. Pixomatic Online Photo Editor will make erasing and changing the background of your pictures nice and easy.

Remove the background from your images

Our online background eraser allows you to automatically remove any background from your photos effortlessly. You will be able to separate the background from the object without the need to master complicated photo editing software - our automatic Cut tool does the job for you.In just a few clicks, generate a transparent background and change it to your desired image.

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Deal with trouble hair

If you’ ve ever tried erasing the background from a portrait then you probably know that hair can cause issues...but not with Pixomatic Online Photo Editor!

Our advanced Hair tool will cut out hair even from complex backgrounds in just a few seconds. Your job is simple: choose the Hair tool and outline the hair on the image. The editor will recognize and separate the background without requiring any further input or effort from you. How simple is that.

Background erase for curly hair, hair tool

Set the background to a different picture

Need to change the background of an image? Why not? After all, it’ s so much easier than going out and taking a whole new photograph. You can choose another background image by either selecting from your own stock of photos or from our integrated library of stock images. The built - in Pixabay and Unsplash galleries gives you access to an enormous collection of royalty - free stock photos allowing you to create advanced photo manipulations. Pixomatic Online Photo Editor - always making life a little easier.

Background eraser with multiple backgrounds and transparency

Fill the background with a solid color

Whether you’re looking for an online passport photo maker or a professional e-commerce tool, Pixomatic is the right choice. Our background remover allows you to separate the subject from the background so you can fill in the background layer with the color of your preference. Here’s a simple scenario, take a photo of yourself or the product you are trying to sell, make a cutout of objects to extract from the image and fill the background layer with any solid color of your choice. Now you have your passport pic, product poster or commercial art ready to go.

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Pixomatic transforms good photos into GREAT

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