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Words are the most effective messengers of meaning. A piece of text can have many functions when paired with a photo. It can carry information for an invitation, call to action on a poster, and be a part of a stylish design. Pixomatic’s text tool has a variety of features like fill color shades and over 40 different fonts to chose from!

How to use text to enhance photos?

Before adding text to a photo, there should be some purpose or goal behind it. It could be for aesthetics, sales, or informative purposes. Based on the reason, you can then choose the most suitable format for the text-photo composition.

Clarity and legibility is key to making a successful design. It is best to keep a simple layout with little to no overlapping of text and image. Pixomatic’s text tool allows you to reposition, rotate, and resize the text in any way.

The tool gives you 43 font options that can be used for sending all kinds of messages. A well-picked text and photo combination can be used in professional fields as well, like marketing. The text tool is particularly helpful in designing advertising and social media banners.

Tips and tricks

It is time to get creative with Pixomatic’s text tool!

1. Embed text into the photo

An interesting design can grab attention instantly. Why place text near an image when you can merge them together? Online Pixomatic editor allows you to do this trick in a few steps. Simply place a piece of text over an object in a photo and refine it.

Black sports car

2. Make the text ‘pop’

It is important to keep the text easy to read while adjusting it to a photo. Pay attention to the text fill color contrast and brightness in relation to the background. If the image is dark then it is best to find a lighter fill color and vice versa. In case your image is monochrome then you can choose the opposite shade from the color wheel for the text.

Contrast written on wood

3. Add a watermark

Adding a watermark to your image or design does not only give credibility but also helps avoid plagiarism. With Pixomatic’s text tool, you can easily adjust the fill color and transparency. All you need to do is move the transparency slider on the left until the text is semi-opaque.

Add watermark to image

4. Less is more!

Balance should be in all things. The phrase “less is more” comes from a prominent architect of the 20th century. All genius creations are simple in nature, your design included. The text tool can be used sparingly but for great effect. Large text can grab attention and draw you into an image. A small font on a large background photo becomes the hero of the story.

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