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Whether it’s a greeting card, an invitation, or flyer, adding text on a photo adds a nice touch to your design. Pixomatic offers users an easy-to-use text tool that features 43 different fonts and a variety of colors. You can also add shadow to your text!

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How can you use text to enhance photos?

Follow these tricks to make the best of Pixomatic's text tool! First, always pay attention to the color contrast and the brightness of your text. For instance, use light text color when the image is dark or vice versa. Also, make sure that your text is readable. And don’t forget that less is more!

Pixomatic’s text tool offers over 40 fonts, so feel free to try different fonts to see which one matches your text best. You'll also want to play around with the font size to balance your text-picture composition.

A large font grabs the reader's attention, while a smaller font can sometimes be equally eye-catching and effective. Also, Pixomatic's blur tool is perfect if you want to blur the background and make the text stand out. The text tool is especially helpful to those who run an online store and who want to promote their merchandise.

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Don't be afraid to try the tools as much as you can. Practice makes perfect. Pixomatic is your studio, so feel comfortable trying out new things!

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