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Sometimes even the best photos need a helping hand to improve. The right photo effects and filters will assist you in achieving just that. Whether you’re going for an old school look or something funkier, a photo filter is necessary to add a feel to your images. Pixomatic has a variety of photo effects and filters that suit all styles and tastes.

Black and white effect on an African-American man, Pixomatic screenshot


Do you need a perfect black and white image? A timeless black and white picture works any time, any day. Pixomatic has a collection of 11 grey filters that will take your image to a whole new level.


Monochrome filters are designed to transform all your images into works of art. There are eight exciting colors to choose from; each giving a unique style and feel to your composition. Look at the images below and see how you can breathe life into a simple portrait with a pinch of monochrome magic.

Purple Monotone effect on a curly Afro-American girlRed Monotone effect on a curly Afro-American girlBlue Monotone effect on a curly Afro-American girl


It’s all about dramatic light and contrast! Polarizing is one of the most trendy photo filters nowadays, especially for landscape photography. It adds beautiful light to your image, reduces reflections, and deepens hues of blue for a visually stunning photo effect. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s what all the celebrities are using to jazz up their Instagram pictures these days.

Retro effect, Polarize filter on a curly girl with a gentle face, Pixomatic screenshot

Pixelation effect

Pixelation is commonly used to censor certain parts of an image that include private information or identifying details of people. This effect turns parts of a regular image into individual squares, or pixels, with one color per block to hide the details of the photo. Pixomatic’s Mosaic tool can be used for both artistic and practical purposes. This blurs the details of the image and only leaves a 2D color block representation of the section applied.

Retro effect, Polarize filter on a curly girl with a gentle face, Pixomatic screenshot

The size of the Mosaic brush and pixel density can be adjusted to achieve a variety of styles. Higher density levels will give you bigger pixels to get the least amount of visible details. This is even a great way to see the color palette of the photo since it’s represented by the most general color blocks. On the other hand, lower density levels give some understanding of the underlying image, but the details are still hidden. This is mostly used for edits where it is important to see the concept of the image instead of completely abstract pixels.

Low Poly Art

Did you hear of Low Poly Art? It is a geometric mesh of polygons (hence the name) that gives an image texture and volume. This art form is often angular, sharp, and minimalistic as it breaks natural object shapes. Many 3D designers and artists use the Low Poly Art in making videos, illustrations, and even logos. Pixomatic’s Low Poly tool is super easy to master. With a swipe of the slider, you can adjust the size of the polygons that cover your photo.

The Low Poly Art effect can vary from a crumpled paper texture to a sharp edge mesh. It is also comparable to a cubist gouache painting or an old-school video game visual, because of the clear edges and color saturation. This time around, you do not need a paintbrush or Picasso’s skills to make Low Poly Art, the tool does the job for you! Watching your photo transform is just like looking through a kaleidoscope. Keep the Low Poly slider moving and see for yourself!

low poly art on two female portraits

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