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In today’s world, the word “meme” has become part of everyone’s vocabulary. But just so we’re all on the same page, let’s define the function of a meme and what makes it so popular with the young, old and in-between? The classic internet meme comes in the form of a unique image supported by sometimes silly, sometimes sharp but alway humorous text in bold and capitals. They can also come in the form of a video or a GIF. There’s no denying, memes have grown super popular and are making quite the buzz in the internet community. One of the reasons we love the internet is it gives us the ability to share and connect. And, memes make the perfect “shareables”. People create catchy media content which immediately attracts attention, gets shared and often times, goes viral.. Sometimes the most ridiculous and random memes become really popular.

But apart from the silliness, memes allow you to express a complex idea that is based on common habits and behaviors. Creating a viral-worthy meme requires creativity (your part) and good photo editing tools (that’s on us). With the Pixomatic Meme Maker half the battle is won!

How to create an awesome meme?

The whole concept of the meme is to know how to use it in the right context. The perfect combination of a first-rate image and catchy text makes a meme entertaining and memorable. Creating your own memes using the Pixomatic Photo Editor couldn’t be easier.Pixomatic has all the required tools to make out of this world memes. You can add as many layers as you want and use our Text tool to choose the right font and text style to your meme.

A few simple steps to get you making memes with Pixomatic:

Step 1. Download a blank meme template, which will represent your idea the best.

Roll Safe, the Guy-Tapping-Head Meme, genius

Step 2. Upload a white background in the Pixomatic photo editor.

Pixomatic screenshot, white background for a meme, step 1

Step 3. Next, add in a new layer and upload the meme photo to the white background. Then crop the photo so you can write a text on the whites parts of the photo.

Pixomatic web screenshot, meme making, clever black guy meme, roll safe meme, step 2

Step 4. Now add in text that will do your meme justice.

Pixomatic web screenshot, meme making, clever black guy meme, roll safe meme, you can’t get fired if you don’t have a job, fired meme, jobless meme, meme generator online, step 3

Pixomatic transforms good photos into GREAT

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