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Movie poster creation using Double Exposure technique

From music albums and book covers to billboard ads – double exposures are everywhere! Stay on top of this classic trend with the Double Exposure tool and achieve stunning visual effects within seconds. Pixomatic's double exposure feature allows you to seamlessly combine two pictures into a single image, creating meaningful and visually appealing photo edits. From now on get ready to make unique and surreal photo compositions that will certainly impress your friends and followers.

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Create mind-blowing compositions

Choose the best pictures for your compositions without leaving the editor; Pixomatic provides you with all the tools you need to create a double exposure image. The online editor features free stock photo libraries that contain over a million royalty-free images. If you can't find what you are looking for, browse for images on Bing, which is also integrated into Pixomatic.

Double Exposure blending modes, man and the city, Pixomatic screenshot

Try different blending modes

Pixomatic allows you to experiment with over a dozen blending modes to obtain the best results. Choose two images, click on Double Exposure in the left panel, and choose one of the blending modes. Here's a tip: try all the modes to see which one is the best fit.

Double Exposure blending modes, man and the city, Pixomatic screenshot

Refine and adjust

With Pixomatic’s dedicated Double Exposure tool, you can choose to blend the entire or only part of a picture, refine the layers, and increase or decrease the opacity of your chosen image. You can also choose one of the preset colors to add to your base image to give it a more mysterious look. Experiment with the Adjust functions to add more layers to achieve multiple - exposure photo manipulations.

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