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Crop photo, square photo, paragliding, crop ratio, crop square, screenshot

Crop Tool

The Crop tool is one of the most used features in photo editing. It allows you to focus on a specific subject while concealing the rest of the image. The Pixomatic Crop tool will help you trim or eliminate unwanted areas, straighten photos and achieve a specific image size without any loss in quality.

Why is the aspect ratio important?

The Aspect ratio will have a major influence on your composition as it deals with the ratio of the image’s width to height. It has a direct impact on the main object and the space around it. Understanding how to use it properly will ensure an outstanding quality picture.

How our Crop tool works?

You can use our Crop tool to highlight a defined area of your photo. It is best to work on a duplicate copy of the image instead of directly on the original. Remember once you hit save any changes made are permanent. We give you the options to crop your photo manually, write your desired aspect ratio or just choose from the suggested ratios (1:1, 4:3, 3:4, 16:9, 2:1, 3:2). In our experience, the best way to find the perfect format for your image is by testing each ratio individually until you hit upon the right fit. The important thing to understand is the effect of aspect ratio choice on your image and what impression it will make. If your cropped image looks pixelated, undo the action and crop less of the area.

Using different aspect ratios

16:9 makes a picture look longer, especially in relation to its width. This would be a good format to go with for a panoramic look.

3:4 ratio is also used for TV displays, computer monitors and digital cameras.

Group photo crop, crop tool, girls in a city, crop 3:4 ratio, screenshot

Most DSLR camera sensors have a 3:2 aspect ratio and it has become the industry standard.

Cropping a group photo, crop dimensions, group selfie, screenshot

The 1:1 ratio gives a picture a square format and is used mainly for mobile screens. This aspect ratio is commonly used for print photographs and social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc, and would not be the best choice for most TV or digital formats.

Crop photo, square photo, paragliding, crop ratio, crop square, screenshot

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