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Any photo deserves to have a worthy focal point and hero to a story. Pixomatic’s blur tools can add depth to a photo and bring items forward even if it lacks a perspective. There are 4 different blur options available: Blur, Manual, Radial, and Linear. Each option can be used for a different effect, like adding a touch of mystery, angle, or highlighting an item in the photo.

Let's Blur!

A full image Blur is useful for making non-distracting backgrounds. The intensity of the blur is under your control and can be adjusted with a brisk shift to the slider. Another use for Pixomatic’s Blur tool is that you can unfocus an entire image and then erase parts afterward. This allows you to unmask an object or even draw patterns with the eraser brush.

What if you want to blur small parts of a photo? Pixomatic’s Manual blur tool will help you haze any area you want no matter how detailed you want it to be. The feature has a set of 4 filters to control the effect of the brush. You can manipulate the brush size, the strength of the brush edges, the blur opacity, and its intensity.

An easy way to place something in a spotlight is by using the Radial feature. This tool blurs out the photo while leaving a circular section clear. The radius of the section can be changed with a slider and it can be repositioned to any part of the photo. You will not struggle with uneven brushstrokes as the radius gives an even finish that is perfect for selfie editing.

Brooklyn bridge new york city from above

The radial tool may not be suitable for photos with vertical lines or objects. Fortunately, the Online Pixomatic Editor can solve this with the Linear option. It is the go-to choice if you plan to blur the sides of an image, leaving the center crystal clear. The size of the liner is easily adjustable with the slider and there is a border to help you see where the blur will start to fade.

How to make a photo special?

1. Remove clutter

Blond girl doing hand-horns

The Manual and Blur tools are perfect for reducing details and leaving the photo smooth of any distracting clutter. By making objects look foggy and unclear, anything placed above it would stand out immediately. This technique is usually used in advertisements and informative visuals that rely on a bland background and bold typography. With a blurred background, you can add text to an image safely.

2. Add a spotlight

Brunette girl in the city

A splendid use for the Manual, Radial, and Linear blur tools is highlighting a person or object in your photo. The viewer will instantly look at the clear part of an image before noticing anything else. This marketing trick is also a smart way to enhance your photography style, giving it a professional touch.

3. Create movement

Red sports car going fast

Absolute clarity does not always make a photo look engaging. Moving objects can sometimes create a natural blur when shooting a photo. Yet, your camera might not always capture this smudge. Pixomatic Editor’s Radial blur tool can add the effect of rapid movement even if there was little to none! All you need to do is to choose the radius of the circle and apply it to the necessary areas of the photo.

4. Sprinkle some magic

Brunette girl with fairy lights

The light captured in a photo can be too sharp and clear at times. If you blur the light sources in the shot, you can create the most mysterious and magical effects using Pixomatic’s Manual blur tool. This trick is most effective when applied to streetlights, fairy lights, and other sources. How does it work? Blurred lighting leaves an impression of mist or magical sparkles depending on the size of the source.

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