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Typography is an essential part of a design. Whether it’s a greeting card, an invitation or even a meme, adding text on a photo can make it artistic and one-of-a-kind. Pixomatic offers user a premium Text tool to edit photos perfectly. Our Text tool has 34 different fonts, an amazing variety of colors and allows you to add shadow to your text and edit it however you like. Pixomatic Text tool puts the control back into your hands.

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So how do you put text on your photos to make them special?

It is essential that attention is given to the color contrast and the brightness of the text. The most common approach is to put a lighter text color when the image is dark or vice versa. Make sure that your text is readable. Feel free to test different fonts to see how they transform your text and the photo in general. You’ll want to also play around with the font size to balance your text-picture composition. A large text size can grab the reader’s attention, however, sometimes using a thinner font can be equally eye-catching and effective. And let’s not forget about our very useful Blur tool for fading out the background to make the text on the photo stand out and attract more attention. Keep in mind, it’s all about creating a sort of visual symphony where all the elements of the image beautifully support and work together for maximum impact. Have fun with it.

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Pic 3. Upload a white background in the Pixomatic photo editor.

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Pixomatic transforms good photos into GREAT

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