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Your Go-to Photo Editor

Are you looking for a convenient photo editor, you came to the right place. Pixomatic is a powerful multi-purpose photo editing platform that is packed with amazing tools and features for both the beginner and advanced user.

Edit directly from your Chrome, Firefox, or Opera web browser. Save and continue editing at any time in the Pixomatic iOS or Android app. The sync feature allows you to work any time, anywhere. Pixomatic is based on HTML5 technology, so you do not need to install Flash on your browser. You may use photos from your gallery or the free integrated stock photo libraries.

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Background Eraser

With Pixomatic's background eraser, deleting any background with speed and precision could not be easier! All you need to do is cut out the subject or object you want to preserve by selecting the cut tool and tracing the outline precisely. Save the cutout, click on the edit icon in the background layer, then choose an image from your computer or the integrated stock photo libraries.

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Crop Photos

The Crop tool is one of the most used features in photo editing. It allows you to crop or trim an image to remove borders or eliminate unwanted objects and ultimately enhance a photo's composition. Pixomatic's Crop tool enables you to crop your images manually or to a specific aspect ratio without affecting the quality of the image.

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Photo Effect

Pixomatic brings you 30+ surreal photo effects that can be applied hassle-free to any image in a click of a mouse. Go funky and contemporary or opt for a sleek retro look — experiment with effects to alter the mood or feel of your images. Pixomatic is your go-to app for effects!

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Double Exposure Online

Double exposure is one of the most popular photo editing techniques. By blending two photos, it is possible to produce ethereal and mesmerizing images. Some of the most fascinating double exposure images are composed of a portrait and a landscape photo. The technique lets your creative juices flow and allows you to create artistic compositions. Pixomatic's double exposure tool includes blending modes that will make your final image look surreal.

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Photo Retouch

Bad selfies are from the past. Pixomatic has a wide range of tools that allow retouching your pictures effortlessly. Smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, hide blemishes, whiten your teeth, or add sparkle in your eyes.

The Clone Stamp tool and the Patch tool allow you to remove unwanted items from your images by cloning pixels. You can now easily remove a person that photobombed your selfie or hide trash that ruined your landscape photo.

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Add Text to Image

Typography is an essential part of graphic design since it can convey a certain mood or feeling. Whether it’s an invitation card, a flyer, or a YouTube thumbnail, Pixomatic will help you get your message across as accurately as possible. The Text tool offers 34 different fonts and a variety of colors. You can also add shadow to your text! You can also alter the size of the text, change its position, and adjust the spacing between the letters.

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Make a Meme

Pixomatic's text feature doubles as a meme maker. Impress your friends with a witty take on current events or a funny view of famous movie scenes. Here’s your chance to create quality memes in less than a minute.

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